6 Signs That Scream Thyroid Disorder! Find Out Which Are These Signs!

Knowing the signs that scream thyroid disorder might save you from a lot of pain and suffering.Thyroid gland is vital for your body functions as: breathing, body weight, menstrual cycles etc. Find out which are the signs and control your thyroid gland using medicines.

signs that scream thyroid disorder

Thyroid gland is an essential part of the endocrine system. It is located in the back of your neck, in the shape of a butterfly. It is an important hormones controller, and that’s why you should check it from time to time. How it works? The thyroid produces and releases hormones into the bloodstream, so it’s essential for your body. It uses iodine from the food we consume to produce 2 main hormones: triiodothronine and thyroxine. It is very important that these two hormones are balanced. If there’s imbalance, then you have thyroid gland disorder.

The two most common disorders are: hyperthyroidism (the thyroid produces too much hormones) and hypothyroidism (the thyroid produces insufficient amount of hormones). On one hand, hypothyroidism can be cured both with medicine, but also, with consuming food high in iodine. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism can be controlled only with medicines and carefully chosen food, low in iodine.

6 signs that scream thyroid disorder

1. Enlarged neck

This is one of the first thing doctors check. You lower your head back, and you touch your neck. If you notice that your neck is weird, there are some lumps, there’s some enlargement on either side, than you should see a doctor.

2. Sore throat and heavy breathing

You’re sleeping and suddenly you wake up having difficulty sleeping. Your throat is sore, you’re breathing heavily, and you feel like you’re choking. Definitely a sign that screams thyroid disorder.

3. Sudden mood shifts

Mood shift is another sign that screams thyroid disorder. Naturally, because of the change in hormones production. Whether you have abundance or lack of hormones, your body and mood changes.

4. Inconsistent menstrual cycles

Your period says a lot about thyroid disorders, and that of course, is another sign of hormones imbalance.

5. Your skin becomes dry

You always had normal or oily skin, and over night, your skin becomes dry. That’s just another sign that your thyroid is acting weird.

6. Appetite and food taste changes

You’re either eating too much, or you are not hungry at all. This changes every single day. Also, your taste in food changes. For example, you now love spicy food and you never did. DING! Thyroid disorder!