Thyroid disease in women can be noticed on time; all you need to do is check whether you have these 7 symptoms! You may be in danger!

Usually, when we notice some change in your body or attitude, we do nothing about it. For example, if we notice that we’ve suddenly gained some pounds, we blame ourselves for eating too much without even thinking that there’s maybe something more to it.

However, we should pay more attention to what our body is telling us in order to prevent serious health issues. One of these issues that most women develop is problems with the thyroid gland.

Your thyroid gland is responsible for many essential body functions, the most important being producing hormones. These hormones then regulate your body temperature, heartbeat, metabolism and many other processes.

Look at these subtle symptoms of thyroid disease in women and make sure to recognize whether you do have a thyroid gland disease or not; this could solve many unexpected problems.

7 subtle symptoms of thyroid disease in women

1. You sleep too much

If you notice any changes in your sleeping patterns, ergo you sleep more than ever; you should check your thyroid gland. This one is a symptom that you wouldn’t instantly relate it to thyroid disease, for sure. But, the thing is that when there’s a disruption of its function, your thyroid decelerates many other body functions making you sleepy.

2. Sadness and depression

This is a major sign of thyroid disease in women. Although women are usually more emotional and sensitive than men, this is different. Depression and sadness happen when you have thyroid hormone deficiency. This deficiency has a huge influence on the mood.

3. You’re facing dry skin, hair or libido loss

These are very common thyroid disease symptoms and all happen due to lack of thyroid hormone. Also, they might signal a specific thyroid disease type, which is hyperthyroidism.

4. Constipation

Changes or imbalance of the thyroid hormone causes digestion difficulty or improper digestion. This then leads to constipation.

5. Sudden weight gain or loss

Too much or lack of iodine can cause sudden weight loss or gain. So, if you see that you’re gaining or losing weight like crazy, you better check your thyroid.

6. Hypertension

High blood pressure is not unusual thing when you have thyroid gland problems. Usually, you cannot lower it even with proper medication; this is when you need to make an appointment with your doctor.

7. You’re experiencing neck discomfort

Naturally, because the thyroid gland is located in your neck, you might feel great discomfort in this area. First, you might experience pressure or difficulty breathing due to thyroid gland enlargement. Next, you might notice swelling or a lump on your throat, and that’s when it becomes urgent for a doctor to come and look at your neck. Furthermore, these symptoms show that there’s disruption of the thyroid gland function. So, beware!

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