Adenoid and tonsil removal includes different treatments and procedures. You can get rid of them now in a perfectly natural way at home! See how!

Tonsils and adenoids are little bags made out of lymphatic tissue. They can be situated in your nasal cavity or your throat.

Whenever tonsils appear on your throat, they make swallowing simply impossible. Moreover, you don’t feel the taste of your favorite food and you feel a lot of pain when you’re trying to swallow it.

Often, doctors recommend different syrups, drops and pills for solving this problem; however, they are not guaranteeing quick success and pain relief.

There’s an old, traditional homemade remedy that you should make and hold handy whenever you experience this type of problem. This remedy will help you with adenoid and tonsil removal and will effectively eliminate it in 4 hours.

Natural adenoid and tonsil removal


  • 3oz of ground cumin
  • 5oz of water
  • One tablespoon of any type of hard liquor

Method of preparation:

First, you need to boil the water and add the cumin in it. Boil for 15 minutes and remove from heat. Stir until you get a nice, thick mixture.

Strain it and add an additional amount of water, 1.7oz and return the mixture on heat. Let it boil for some time and remove from heat again.

Add the liquor and mix again. Your homemade remedy for adenoid and tonsil removal is ready. Now, you’ll need to store it some place dark and in room temperature.


Whenever you need this remedy, just take one tablespoon of it every half hour. You’ll notice that the pain is disappearing in 2 hours, but keep on using it, don’t stop there. A few hours later, you’ll see no visible tonsils or adenoids and you’ll be able to eat your favorite food with no trouble.

Moreover, if you’re experiencing some severe case of tonsillitis, don’t hesitate to use this remedy for as long as you need, until you see obvious improvement; this remedy causes no side effects.