Alleviate Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, Hip And Leg Pain Pressing These 2 Points On Your Hips!

The best way to alleviate lower back pain, leg pain and sciatica is with acupuncture. Just press 2 points on your hips and the pain will reduce!

Lower back pain can be a result of many things, including strained muscle, twisting, lifting an extremely heavy object or genetics. It can be excruciating and unbearable, and almost all the treatments are unsuccessful.

Having a lower back pain can lead to many other body part pains, as your body doesn’t have the necessary support of the back. All the weight and pressure of the body will switch to the legs and hips, so they can suffer as well.

Conventional painkillers and treatments can help you reduce the pain, but temporarily. Do you want to alleviate lower back pain and all the other developed pains easily?

Acupuncture is the key. Our bodies have millions of points that if pressed correctly, can alleviate a lot of pains. Additionally, these points can offer other health benefits, like overall health improvement and balance.

Alleviate lower back pain, sciatica, hip and leg pain

Lower back pain can be eliminated by pressing two points near the hip area. These two points are called B48 and GB30. You can see these two points on the picture.

Massaging the B48 point helps in soothing hip and sciatica pain, as well as pain in the sacral area. You should massage the area carefully and gently because you don’t want to make a worse injury.

This point also helps treating diarrhea and controlling blood sugar levels, so it’s great for diabetics to know it and massage it.

On the other hand, massaging the GB30 will help you reduce the pain you’re feeling in your buttocks and hips, muscle spasms but also lower back and sciatica pain.

Hemiplegia or half body paralysis and leg pain can also be treated with long-term massage on the GB30 point.

Furthermore, look at these suggestions on how to treat and alleviate lower back pain and what you should avoid:

  • Keep maintaining normal weight
  • Hold ice cubes on the painful area
  • Try avoiding high heels to improve your posture

Stretch or do light exercises to strengthen and relax your back muscles.