Prevent atopic dermatitis blisters and know when to treat them; look at the symptoms and pay attention to the risk factors that cause it!

Swimmer’s pruritus, also known as atopic dermatitis blisters, is a rash that may appear after swimming especially in freshwater lakes and ponds, and sometimes after swimming in salt water.

This condition is an allergic reaction to parasites that commonly affect birds and can contaminate water. Parasites associated with this condition normally live in waterfowl such as ducks or gulls and some animals that live near water.


The symptoms that appear after exposure to contaminated water may not appear immediately and may occur if the exposure is repeated. You will experience severe itching and reddish pimples. Or, blisters will appear which may develop after a few days or minutes after swimming.

The more time spent in the infected water the greater the risk of swimmer pruritus. It usually affects the skin that is not covered by the swimsuit or boots. Some people are more sensitive to this condition than others. Children may be at higher risk of suffering from it.

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How to prevent atopic dermatitis blisters?

You can prevent this condition, which appears more frequently in summer, by drying with a towel immediately after bathing. Some of the parasites that cause it only remain in the upper layer of the skin and you can remove them by drying the body with the towel. In the case of suffering from this condition, it usually does not last many days, because the parasites die soon.

Usually the swimmer’s itch goes away on its own after a few days. Or, in some cases the rash may last up to a week, but usually there are no complications. There is not really a specific treatment to treat the condition. But what you should do is try not to scratch the rash, it could irritate and infect the skin.

Important: To treat the rash you can apply rubbing alcohol, cold compresses, or take baths with baking soda or oats, for a month.

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