Do you know the benefits of drinking okra water? It will help you detox your kidneys and treat asthma and diabetes! See how to prepare it!

Okra is a fruit originally from Africa. It is known almost everywhere because it is an excellent companion for our meals. You can use it in stews or salads but few people know that it has excellent properties that benefit health.

Among the main properties of this fruit we can mention: its high content of fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium, proteins, flavonoids and folic acid. Each of these substances helps to improve different health conditions that put our lives at risk.

Moreover, okra has been used for asthma, for controlling cholesterol levels, for strengthening the kidneys, for cardiovascular health and for regulating bowel work. Its high fiber content helps control sugar levels; this is of great benefit to patients with diabetes.

Additionally, the main thing about this food is that being completely natural poses no health risk. Each time we consume okra we are getting our body to receive antioxidants and vitamins that make it strengthen the functions of almost all our organs. Learn how to take advantage of the benefits of drinking okra water.

Benefits of drinking okra water

Besides taking care of your interior, it also has benefits for the exterior. Antioxidants inside this fruit also prevent premature aging, so you’ll have smoother skin for longer.

To prepare this okra-based remedy you will need:

2 pods of okras

Filtered water

Preparation procedure:

Wash the okras, cut the both ends and then chop them in half. Place the pieces in a glass and then add filtered water. Let stand overnight.

Mode of consumption:

Drink the next morning, preferably 10 minutes before breakfast. If you have diabetes take it every day.

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