New Breast Cancer Treatment Plan – Tumors Attack Themselves!

A new breast cancer treatment plan has appeared. Learn about the findings of the latest technique created by the University of Zurich team!

Cancer is one of the most aggressive diseases that kills people worldwide. Because of this, over the years the scientific community has worked tirelessly to find effective treatments.

Scientists from University of Zurich gathered their powers and knowledge and created a new breast cancer treatment plan. The novel factor of this new treatment is that cancerous tumors manage to eliminate each other.

What the team of specialists did was modify an adenovirus, an infectious virus that attacks the respiratory tract. In this way, through the alteration, they were able to generate antibodies that focus on directly attacking the tumor.

The genes they modified that enter the body manage to guide the cytokines and each of the attacking agents towards the condition. As a result, the same cancer cells begin to generate antibodies that fight the tumor.

Due to this, the scientists affirmed that with this treatment it is possible to deceive the tumor. So much so, that attacking agents gradually produce that are responsible for eliminating the entire disease.

One of the most striking factors in this treatment is that the modified virus penetrates the body without the immune system activating any alarm. In this way, the antibodies only enter the affected area and do not contaminate any of the cells that are healthy.

A new breast cancer treatment plan

The technique promoted by scientists at the University of Zurich has fewer side effects than alternatives such as chemotherapy. Well, in this case not all cells are attacked, but the antibodies are focused on the malignant tumor.

In this way, the patient’s body feels better. This is because the cells that are healthy are intact, they do not undergo any alteration or elimination along with the pathological ones.


The scientists tested the treatment in a group of mice suffering from breast cancer. At that time, they discovered that as the days went by, a large number of antibodies began to be created around the affected area.

The scientists used 3D tech. They could analyze the effects that the gene that was modified had within the tumor. Thus, they determined that it was evident that the tumor was beginning to have porosities that made it disintegrate.

To consider

With this test, the scientists defined that this technique is a great option for treating breast cancer in people. However, they also stated that with the inclusion of additional biologics it may be viable to treat all types of tumor conditions.

As a result of this fact, the researchers have the objective of continuing to refine the technique and propose tests that allow for much more effective and hopeful findings.

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