Which are the causes for hemorrhoids? There are plenty of them! But we’ve got a list of things that can help you prevent them! Just read and get informed!

causes for hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are the literal pain in the a**! Sadly, they happen to a lot of people for several reasons, one of which is food. Of course, them might also appear if you’re not active, if you’re riding a bike or constantly sitting. But what are hemorrhoids anyway? If you haven’t had them, then you’re lucky! ‘Cause if you did, then you know they are inflamed bumps that appear inside or outside the anus, or sometimes even both. These bumps make sitting, defecating and even walking impossible. That’s why it would be preferable for you to prevent them. We’ll offer some advice on how to prevent them. In the same time, we’ll tip you on how to reduce the pain and the discomfort if you already have them.

Causes for hemorrhoids

As we said, there are plenty of causes for hemorrhoids. Generally speaking, hemorrhoids have to do with continual inactivity, for example, excessive sitting. Sitting on a bike included. Your bottom is exposed to a lot of pressure when you’re sitting a lot and starts acting up. That’s why inactivity plays a crucial role in getting hemorrhoids. Women get hemorrhoids when wearing thongs. Thongs and their unusual form, also cause pressure on the anus and inflammation is inevitable.

Another thing is food. Eating too much spicy food, to be precise. Your anus gets irritated when you’re defecating after eating too much spicy food. But this is not the only food to avoid. Dairy, strangely enough, can also cause hemorrhoids. That’s because some dairy food, for cow milk products, are hard to digest and cause improper bowel transit. This counts for processed food as well. To recapitulate, eat with caution spicy, dairy and processed food.

How to prevent and treat hemorrhoids?

Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. They speed up the digestion process because they’re watery and rich in dietary fiber. In addition, nuts, whole grains and seed are also rich in dietary fiber and they’re highly recommended when you have hemorrhoids. So, these are the things you should eat both to prevent and to treat hemorrhoids.

When it comes to treating them, first thing to avoid doing is scratching and scrubbing. Your skin is so sensitive in that area and it damages easily. You just make them worse if you scratch and scrub hard. Second important thing is to change your underwear as much as you can. Keeping your bottom clean is essential. And the third thing is, bathe your bottom with water only. Do not use any kind of bath creams.

Try using herbal gels. Aloe vera and olive oil based gels really ease the itching and the pain. Also, chamomile tea is a great pain reliever. Make a regular tea, wait until it’s warm, not hot, and gently wash your bottom with it.