No one can help you like yourself. Discover the different cancer types and heart attack signs and prevent these horrible diseases to happen to you. We’ll help you discover them on time and hopefully, we’ll stop them from happening.

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Money can buy anything, except health. Millions and millions of people die every year due to these terrible silent killers. They are not that silent, though. If you listen to your body and see these changes, if you can spot the signs, you can save yourself. We’ll present you a few different cancer types and heart attack signs.

Different cancer types and heart attack signs

Lung Cancer

Pain on your back, in the lung area is one of the first symptoms. It is unusual, really, that the pain is on the back instead of on the front. This is the main reason that people ignore this sign. The more obvious sign would be the opposite, however, it’s not.
Continuous coughing, which is not due to a cold or allergy, might also be a sign for lung cancer.
Consult your doctor if you have one of these two symptoms. Just in case, if nothing else.

Breast Cancer

The first indicator, naturally, is the nipple change. If you see your nipples change color, pull in or change their form in any way, immediately consult your doctor. There’s nothing scary in doing one mammography.
The second, not that common sign, is pain on one breast. Also, there’s another sign which can be mixed up with hormonal change during or pre-period, and that’s the change in mammary glands. They get bigger, wider or they hurt when you touch them. Consult your doctor for this, too.

Colon cancer

Unstoppable bleeding between period, or, constant bleeding is not a good sign. It might be a symptom of endometrial cancer, but not necessarily. It might also indicate some hormonal change or start of menopause. In each case, it’s better to see your gynecologist and check yourself. That kind of bleeding is scary, unpleasant and it might be accompanied with pain.

Blood cancer (leukemia)

Out of the blue, you’re having fever and your temperature raises. You were not sick, you were fine, and the next thing you know, you’re burning. You must control this situation, it’s way too dangerous to ignore it, so, meet up with your doctor and make a blood test. This might be a sign of leukemia.

Ovarian cancer

Pain in the abdomen, bloating, urge to urinate, anal bleeding, nausea and throwing up – if you have at least two of these symptoms, immediately see your doctor and make thorough analysis. Ovarian cancer is one of the worst cancers, and it’s almost impossible to cure if it progresses. You must stop it before it turns into a beast that kills you.

Brain tumor

This is one of the most silent killers, which we cannot recognize it easily. Unfortunately, headache is the only big sign that can indicate some change in your brain. But headaches are taken for granted because they might happen for various reasons. If you’re ‘lucky enough’ to see some other changes like constant nerve actions, tingling or any body part dysfunction, go to your doctor straightaway. This are some serious indicators of brain tumor presence.

Heart attack

While in lung cancer you feel pain in the back, when you’re having a heart attack, you have a pain in the front chest area. This accompanied with sweating, high blood pressure, breathing problems and nausea is the most sure sign that you’re about to have a heart attack. Of course, these signs can easily be mixed with the symptoms of high blood pressure or a cold, and be ignored. People get misguided when they read all of these symptoms online and they start panicking when they feel some of them. Don’t panic. Ask the first person that’s near you to take you to the hospital. Check yourself and nothing bad will happen. But never ignore these signs, they can save your life.

These different cancer types and heart attack signs can save your life. Be aware of them and visit your doctor whenever you have doubts.

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