People often have diabetes but they’re not aware of it. Diabetes is the condition when the blood sugar level is too high. This can cause more grave health problems that you can imagine. So, check your blood today!

have diabetes

As we mentioned, diabetes is a condition where blood sugar level is too high. This is a lifelong condition which, if you discover it on time and you treat it properly, can cause no more serious problems. Unfortunately, almost 90% of people who have diabetes are not aware of it. We’ll briefly explain everything you need to know about diabetes, how to discover it, how to treat it and how to live with it.

What is diabetes?

Insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar level, and it is produced by the pancreas. When you eat, insulin is the responsible for moving glucose out of the blood. The glucose then goes into the cells where it produces energy. Diabetes is the condition when your body refuses or it is unable to turn glucose into energy, due to lack of insulin to the improper cell reaction to insulin. There are two types of diabetes: type 1, which progresses very quick, when the cells that produce insulin are destroyer; and type 2, which is more common, when there’s improper cell reaction to insulin.

Do I have diabetes?

Often, when the blood sugar level is higher than normal, is not diagnosed as diabetes right away. Usually, because the symptoms are too general, people spend years having diabetes without even knowing. That’s type 2 diabetes, which is not as serious as type 1. Here are the symptoms:

  1. Sore throat and dry mouth – this accompanied with thirstiness, is a major alarm for diabetes. If you have these symptoms, you have to pay your doctor a visit.
  2. Itching in the genital area, candida, urge for urination and other inflammations around the genitals, are a second indicator that you have diabetes.
  3. Excessive, unexplainable weight and muscle loss, tiredness, wounds that cannot heal for weeks and weaken sight, are just the additional signs that you might be facing with type 2 diabetes.

How do I treat diabetes?

Your doctor will tell you whether you should take insulin shots or you can control your disease with medications. In addition, the doctor will tell you how to change your diet, but here’s some advice from us, too.

Be very active, eat healthy, and watch how much sugar you’re consuming. Regularly do blood level tests, to see how much you’ve progressed balancing it. Listen to your doctor: there’s a whole list of things you should avoid consuming and things you should eat most.

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