Doctor cures cancer with baking soda and molasses. When no medication is of use, try baking soda and molasses for curing your cancer!

Usually, when the cancer hit advance stages, the medicine has no more weapons to help you cure it. When this happens, when doctors give up, you try and seek help in alternative medicine.

You hear people talking about different cures that have helped them out and have cured cancer with. In the end, you cannot decide which one to try and you know your clock is ticking.

Cannabis oil, coconut oil, petroleum… all of these things have helped a lot, but many have lost their lives believing in them firmly.

But this doctor, Tulio Simonchini, wanted to research and test some of these famous cures and recommend its patients the best solution. He’s a oncologist, and what he discovers will blow your mind. This doctor cures cancer with baking soda! He recommends it to his patients when he sees no help in medicine.

Doctor cures cancer with baking soda and molasses

This oncologist claims that cancer is actually a fungus, or what we call it candida albicans. You might be familiar with this term because you hear about it everywhere, and always in some women context. Candida albicans is fungus that many women struggle with. It is an infection that attacks the women reproductive organs and it can be sexually transmitted.

This is the type of candida albicans you’re familiar with. However, candida is fungus that feeds on acidic environments. When it starts spreading into your blood, it can cause cell abnormal behavior. That’s why you need to develop alkaline environment in your body in order to prevent cancer.

Baking soda is the perfect mean for alkalization. It is extremely effective with candida elimination, thus with preventing and defeating cancer.


There’s a testimony of a man who has successfully cured his stage 4 prostate cancer using baking soda and molasses.

His cancer was in stage four and deeply in his bones. He had no other choice but to try anything that would help him. So he heard about this baking soda and molasses mix and went on trying to defeat this deadly disease by changing his pH levels and alkalizing his body.

In addition, he gave up on sugar and junk food and kept drinking this miraculous drink. Only 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 of molasses mixed in water saved him from horrible consequences.

He drank this mixture all day, every day. A few months later, he went to check himself up and the stage 4 prostate cancer was gone! Completely!

So, if you’ve tried everything and there’s still no improvement, listen to this man and this oncologist and try baking soda and molasses for curing your cancer. Baking soda is great for healing a lot of diseases; try it with this one!

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