What gene causes Alzheimer’s disease? That’s the question that bugs millions of people around the world; well, scientists have discovered it! Check it out!

Millions of people around the world suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. As we all know, this is a disease that comes with age and only certain people can develop it. So far, scientist knew that it is genetic, but they couldn’t precisely tell which gene causes it. Well, prepare yourselves because today you’ll find out what gene causes Alzheimer’s disease and you’ll be able to go through check-ups and maybe prevent it from happening to you.

So, what gene causes Alzheimer’s disease?

Two varieties of the genome showed their role in the development of brain atrophy. This is according to the research of a professor of Alzheimer’s disease studies. These proteins, produced by the genes circulate in the blood, so they can be used as markers of the disease.

These are the varieties of the genes ABCA7 and MA4A6A, which are linked to the atrophy of the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex, which depends on memory function and other crucial processes. The specialists began their analysis with nine variations, which supposedly they have to do with the disease. However they did not include the APoE4 gene in their study, which was linked several times with some key aspects of Alzheimer’s.

The experiment involved 50 volunteers without cognitive problems and 90 with slight alterations, which in many cases are transformed into Alzheimer’s disease. When performing a genome and brain tomography analysis, they came to the conclusion that precisely the ABCA7 and MA4A6A genes cause changes in the structure of the brain.

How to prevent it?

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So, wait no more and go check yourself. If you have the potential to develop this disease, make sure you start with the preventative treatments. There are many medicinal and alternative medicine means that could help you prevent or at least postpone this exhausting disease.

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