What causes hair getting dry and falling out, peeling nails and super dry skin? You definitely know there’s something behind it! Find out what that is and act fast!

Our body emits signals when something is not right with it or when we are about to or have already acquired a disease. Sometimes the symptoms and signals it emits are very subtle and almost imperceptible, but you need to pay attention. These signals may save your life.

You must be aware of any small detail. If a signal appears such as a sore throat, in this case it may be beginning of flu, etc. Many deaths or terminal illnesses are acquired because we ignore the simple details our body emitted.

These warnings that our body emits can be hair getting dry and falling out. Anyone can confuse this symptom with stress or mistreated hair, but why does this happen? Have you ever analyzed what this means?

If you are experiencing symptoms like hair getting dry and falling out , dry skin, cracked lips, peeling nails or similar signs then you should pay close attention. This does not mean that your skin experiences moisturizing problems, but your body is not getting the nutrients it needs.

A lack of nutrient means that the body is not receiving or producing the necessary vitamins. That is, you may have deficiencies of vitamins A, C, E, or B. All these nutrients are necessary for the development of the processes in our body.

Meaning of lack of vitamins

Dry skin

Indicates that we have deficiency of vitamins A. the lack of said vitamin also makes our hair look maltreated.

Wrinkles on the skin

This means the lack of vitamins E.

Hair getting dry and falling out

Losing hair means you have deficiency of vitamin B6 or/and iron.

Brittle weak nails

The peeling nails represent the lack of B vitamins.

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Skin imperfections

It is synonymous with lack of collagen; this compound is produced by vitamins C.

The best way to obtain these vitamins is to consume natural products such as fruits, vegetables, tubers, among other foods that produce them.

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