How to cure stiff neck in the morning when you’re in a terrible hurry? Using this 60-seconds trick! You’ll be amazed from the effects!

You’re waking up, trying to get out of bed and stretch and bam! Stiff neck, stiff neck! Ouch, ouch! What do you do? There’s no time for visiting a doctor right now, you gotta be at the office in an hour!

We have the perfect, incredible trick that will take only 60 seconds of your time and morning routines. So, it’s perfectly short and efficient and you’ll love the results!

The thing is, due to bad sleep or more precisely, bad sleeping position, your muscle ties like a knot and there’s no way you could move your head without feeling a horrible pain.

You know that a simple massage from your massage therapist will do, but there’s no time. You need a solution right now! So, let’s get started! Let’s look at the trick and get rid of sniff neck whenever you’re in need.

How to cure stiff neck in 60 seconds?

First, you’ll need to locate the painful spot. Feeling anything on your right upper back or right side of the neck? Use your right hand and place it on the spot. If you feel the pain on the left side, use the left hand.

Second, you’ll need to start using your fingers. You’ve already located the spot, now use firm pressure and push on the painful spot. The pain will increase, but no worries; nothing you can’t handle. It is a tolerable pain which will bring great results.

Next, you’ll need to move your head on the opposite direction of the painful spot and towards the armpit, while still pressing the spot with your fingers firmly. In this way, you’ll activate the cramped muscle; add the pressure and you’ll see how the muscle will relax.

You’ll need to repeat these 3 steps 20 times. The first few times will take longer time, but as soon as you get used to the trick, it will be taking less and less time to perform the trick.

When you’re finished, just do your usual stretch. You’ll see how there’s no sign of the stiff neck and your neck functions just fine. If you experience a similar pain during the day, it is safe to repeat the trick whenever and wherever you are.

One advice: take care of your sleeping position. There’s no way you could predict how you’ll move during the night sleep, but at least you could chose a better fitting pillow.