How to get rid of boils fast? Why do they appear in the first place? What can we do to prevent them? Check out all the tips and tricks and have a spotless skin!

If you have outbreaks of boils often, pay special attention to your hygiene habits and go to the dermatologist to determine the possible causes of abscesses.

Painful, uncomfortable and dangerous if not treated with care: Boils are a nuisance on the skin that we can all suffer from, but that can be prevented. Here we will give you some tips how to get rid of boils fast.

Abscesses that form on the skin because of the infection of a hair follicle, structures of the skin on which the hairs grow are called boils. The affected area becomes inflamed and a painful pellet forms, which can fill with pus and dead cells.

As the amount of pus increases, the body will look for ways to drain it, so at some point a white or yellowish spot will appear in the inflamed area, similar to cases of acne.

These follicles are prone to infection, especially in areas with a lot of hair, in which there is friction, such as the armpits, buttocks, thighs, face, neck and groin. Other cases that can cause skin infections are:

  • Mosquito bites
  • Friction injuries, by clothing or skin with skin
  • Small cuts when shaving
  • Scorching
  • Scrapings

Why do boils appear?

We are all prone to injuries. This damage to the skin leaves it exposed to bacteria that live on its surface, which can cause an infection no matter how small. A boil not only affects the infected follicle, but also the tissue around it.

Not every skin lesion generates a boil, because our immune system should be able to fight the bacteria before the infection is generated. However, although we follow the advice to fight boils, there are certain aspects that can make us more prone to suffer this type of infections, even to suffer from furunculosis, a condition in which multiple abscesses develop frequently.

Some of the reasons that make us more likely to suffer from boils are:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Poor hygiene
  • Diabetes
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Cirrhosis
  • Drug use
  • HIV
  • Chronic skin diseases
  • Obesity
  • Advanced age
  • Use of tight clothing

Why do boils come out so often?

Generally, cases in which several abscesses occur in a row are a consequence of the points listed above, or of a poor treatment to a previous infection. Another advice to fight boils is to wash with neutral soap the clothes, sheets and blankets that could have been in contact with the affected area, this way you can prevent another infection.

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If the inflammation does not decrease naturally and the infection continues for more than 10 days, if you have several boils at the same time or if you get a fever, go to a dermatologist. He can drain them and tell you a treatment.

How to get rid of boils fast?

It is possible to eliminate the boils. You just have to adopt some good habits to fight them and avoid suffering them frequently. So pay attention to your skin. Take note!

If you have a boil, use compresses of warm water, chamomile tea or basil leaves at least three times a day to reduce pain and inflammation. It is important that the compress is clean and that you use a new one at a time.

While you have the boil, bathe daily with antiseptic soap.

The boils tend to “burst” spontaneously after a few days. If this is your case, clean the area with a sterile gauze, water and neutral soap, to prevent the pus that drained infect other areas of your skin.

Keep controlled, clean and dry areas of your skin that have many hairs, so you will avoid infections.

Avoid wearing very tight clothes or that generate friction in delicate areas of your body, so you can prevent injuries that can turn into boils.

Do not squeeze the boil with your nails, otherwise you will worsen the infection. Let it drain alone and, if it does not, visit the specialist doctor.

If you are very prone to develop these infections despite following the above tips, we recommend a general check to determine what factors are affecting the health of your skin.

The hygiene and the care of our skin are determining factors to fight the boils and prevent them from appearing. It is also a way to take care of our whole body, since avoiding these infections also protects our blood and organs. In addition, it allows us to live a more comfortable life without pain.

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