Is aluminum in deodorant bad for you? Do you need to worry about it? Do you need to look for alternative hygiene product? Find out all the answers right now!

Natural deodorants are one of the most demanded products in natural cosmetics. They have demonstrated the benefits they bring to both health and the environment.

The environmental factors affect the condition and appearance of the skin. Therefore, everything you can do to reduce these effects will result in your health and appearance. What should you keep in mind?

One of the things that can help you take care of your skin’s health is to use natural products formulated with components that are not aggressive. Let’s see the best option in the case of deodorants.

Do you know what the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants is?

The items we use for our hygiene should also respect our body to the fullest. One of the most used products daily, both by men and women, is deodorant.

The purpose of deodorants is to eliminate odor. To do this, they carry in their formulation substances that control the bacteria in the skin, which are responsible for degrading sweat and producing odors.

However, antiperspirants have the ability to partially eliminate sweat production. Perspiration cannot be completely eliminated, as we would be putting our thermoregulation and skin cleansing at risk.

Deodorant and antiperspirant products

Deodorants are personal hygiene products that help counteract the smell. Normally, they contain antimicrobial substances that control the bacteria that cause odor. They also usually incorporate fragrances and perfumes to mask it.

On the other hand, there are antiperspirant products, which are personal hygiene products such as deodorants. However, in addition to body odor, antiperspirants control perspiration levels, preventing the appearance of sweat.

To do this, they include chemical components such as aluminum salts in their formulation. In the market you can find different formats of deodorants such as aerosols, sticks, cream and roll-on.

Currently, most users are looking for a product that is more natural. Specifically, in the subject we are dealing with, they are deodorants without aluminum.

Aluminum salts

Aluminum salts are one of the components that have been most used to control excess sweat. These salts act by blocking the glands that produce sweat, that is, the sweat glands.

For some time now, this chemical compound has been removed from the deodorant formulation because of its possible carcinogenic effects, although more scientific evidence is needed.

The findings regarding its relationship with cancer are inconclusive, but there are studies that relate this chemical compound to breast cancer.

The hypothesis of the relationship between aluminum salts and breast cancer was developed in a hospital in Manchester. The scientists found high levels of metal in the chest area near the armpits.

These studies created an alert on the use of deodorants with aluminum salts and have favored the increase in the consumption of more natural products.

Nowadays, in the market there are many deodorants without aluminum salts and that are antiperspirants due to the effect of other compounds such as zinc.

Is aluminum in deodorant bad for you?

Within natural cosmetics, deodorants without aluminum salts are one of the most demanded products. The non-aluminum products on the market contain essential oils or alkaline minerals and natural plant extracts.

These components fulfill the function of preventing bad smell, however they do not act on perspiration. Despite this, being natural ingredients, in addition to avoiding the bad smell they take care of your skin avoiding contact with substances that can be harmful.

Currently, as an alternative to aluminum salts, there are natural assets based on mineral salts of marine origin. These assets control the proliferation of microorganisms in the skin when you produce sweat or when body temperature rises.

In addition, they can be used in all formats of deodorants, which indicates that the market is evolving towards the incorporation of innovative products that prevent body odor.


Your daily habits influence the state and appearance of your skin, therefore, they also influence body odor. If you have sweating problems and a bad smell, ask your doctor what type of deodorant you should use.

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