Want to kiss the ear infection goodbye naturally in just 1 day? You got it! We present you several natural mixtures for curing your ear infection quick!

kiss the ear infection goodbye naturally

Children get ear infections more often than adults. This is because children love touching, liking, playing with dirty things and the bacteria on those things goes into the ear. The bacteria, in fact, attack the middle ear. The symptoms of an infected ear are pain in the ear, poor sound response, headaches, fever, sleeping problems, vomiting, diarrhea etc. We’ve collected a list of natural cures for your earaches and infections. Try any of these and kiss the ear infection goodbye naturally.

Kiss The Ear Infection Goodbye Naturally In Just 1 Day!

Breast milk, believe it or not, it’s a perfect solution for an ear infection. You’re surprised right now, right? Well, don’t be. Breast milk has antibodies that sooth inflammation and infection. It is also useful for reducing swellings and pain relief. How do you put breast milk in an ear?! Very easy. Ask your friend/sister/neighbor  who’s still breastfeeding her child to give you a few drops of breast milk. Put a few drops in your ear and the pain will disappear. This is good for warts, burns, cuts and eye infections as well. Mother’s breast milk is the best, right?

A drop of warm olive oil in the ear can also help. Put one drop, wait for a few seconds and tilt your head so that the oil gets out. The oil unblocks that accumulated earwax, which might be the source of the infection or the pain.

Can you imagine putting a garlic clove in your ear without being super scared? Well, don’t be, nothing bad can happen. Just take one big enough clove that won’t get stuck in your ear and put it in your ear gently. Leave it like that for a few minutes and the pain will go away. Nicely remove the clove and throw it away. If you’re too scared to do this, you can always boil one garlic clove for a few minutes, cut it and add a little bit of salt. Apply the mixture on cotton and put it inside the ear. Or, you can boil the clove in sesame oil, remove the clove and wait until the water with sesame oil cools down. Put 4 drops in your painful ear and voila, the pain is gone.

Apple cider vinegar, water and cotton is another solution. Mix the vinegar with water and soak the cotton in it. Put it in your ear for 5 minutes and remove. Tilt your head until the solution comes out.

Basil, aside from being a great cooking ingredient, helps a lot in treating infections and relieving pain. You shouldn’t even put it in your ear; all you should do is to apply a few leaves of it around the ear.

Applying heat on the infected ear also soothes the pain. For example, take one warm water bottle and put it against your ear for 5 minutes. Repeat for a few more times during the day.

Word of advice

The above mentioned means are for treating minor ear infections and earaches. If the pain continues after you’ve used them, it means the infection is far more complicated and you should visit a doctor.