Lower back pain from herniated disc can be quite unbearable and uncomfortable. Treat it using these natural remedies!

One of the most delicate parts of the body is the spine, since all the bones that make it up, 26 specifically and are also known as vertebrae, are responsible for maintaining the entire body.

Between each vertebra is an intervertebral disc, which is responsible for separating and dampen their movements. When we refer to herniated discs is when one of the intervertebral discs moves from the position where it should be, causing a swelling in the place and the inability to move freely.

In addition to pressing the nerve root that is attached to the spine, symptoms can be severe or mild depending on the injury. The causes of displacement of the discs are several, but among the most common we can mention: obesity, exaggerated effort, blows or trauma to the spine.

As we get older, our spine loses flexibility as the fibrous core weakens and tears easily. However, it also happens to young people because of the causes mentioned above. It is therefore that we must take care of the hernias disc. If you suffer from a lower back pain from herniated disc, then you know it is quite unpleasant. We’ll give you home remedies to treat this proble.

Treat lower back pain from herniated disc

The main place where the hernia happens is in the lumbar disc and the main symptom is a sharp pain that can radiate towards the legs. Another of the symptoms is tingling and weakness, specifically when you make a sudden movement. When the doctor performs the test, they ask the patient to lie down and try to lift a leg. If the pain appears it is a hernia.

For the treatment the patient is required to take rest and medicines as analgesics or anti-inflammatories. In addition, you may start with physical therapy that may include: massage, massage therapy, steroid injection and ozone therapy. There is also a surgical option to stop lower back pain from herniated disc.

The remedies are these two below

– Sauce: Drink 2 or 3 cups of decoction of 2 g of bark per glass of water. This has salicin and helps to soothe the pain.

– White bread: In a bowl add a glass of water and two slices of bread without crust plus cayenne pepper. Mix until forming a paste and apply as a compress.

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