We have all found ourselves in need of natural treatment for burns. We get burned constantly so we need a quick solution! Well, these 10 things are in your home right now!

Burns? Pf, the most commonly, most irritating injury of all times! We get burned all the time! Whether it is a cooking, an ironing, a fireplace, cigarette or an entirely different accident where you touch something hot, you need a very quick and effective solution. This solution needs to soothe your pain, cool the area and leave no scar!

What we have here for you will surprise you and you’ll think to yourself ‘Why didn’t I think of this before?’ The secret here is in the seemingly useless things when it comes to burns. Before you read the list of things that might help in natural treatment for burns, you need to know that you’ll think ‘How could this possibly help?’ Yeah, the things are that weird, but the weirder they are, the more effective.

Plus, we’ll give you one recipe for a mixture that you could keep in your fridge for emergencies. It takes a little bit more time to prepare it so it’s not a good solution if you need an immediate help. But if you just burned yourself, try these 10 household things to soothe your pain like in seconds!

Natural treatment for burns

Egg white

A cool egg white is always a good option. Take one egg from the fridge, quickly crack it, and grab the egg white using your fingers or a spoon. Immediately apply it on the burn; you’ll feel an instant pain relief, your wound will cool and you’ll prevent possible scarring.


If you’re having a minor burn, like from your hair straightener, just grab the honey bar and apply a thin layer of honey to the burn. Honey will shorten the healing process time.

Raw potato

Potato is another solution that you might use. Quickly, take one potato, cut it in halves, and apply one half on the burn. You’ll feel an immediate cooling down of the heat and relief.


Tomatoes have the same effects as potatoes, only tomato contains lycopene that is even better in reducing the heat. Its healing properties will also speed up the healing process.

Used tea bag

This one is super weird, right? Used tea bag? How come? Well, anything cold that you may find around you can help you! Every second counts, because the longer you wait, the better the changes for scars appearance. So, if you had your tea half an hour ago, and the bag is totally cooled down, apply it on a minor burn. The thing is, the bag still has some tea on it, or water per se, and it’s already cold. So you won’t need to waste more time going to the kitchen or bathroom; you’ll save time to prevent scars.

Aloe vera

Now, this is the thing that always helps the most, but it might happen that you don’t have it present in your home. Although aloe vera is extremely useful for treating many skin and other health problems, it is especially important when it comes to burns.

If you have this plant in your home, pinch one leaf off, squeeze it a little bit and apply the get directly onto the burn. The healing process starts immediately.

Recipe for a long-term use

We put the aloe vera option at the end because this amazing recipe that you can keep in room temperature is aloe vera based.

You’ll need 113gr of aloe vera gel, fresh, a few essential oil drops of your choice and 113ml of coconut oil.

First mix the aloe vera with the coconut oil well, for about 5 minutes then add the essential oil. Apply on the burn whenever you need.

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