If you notice pink spots on tongue, some really weird dots or white and/or yellow layers, you should pay attention – something in your body is not working properly!

Believe it or not, your tongue can tell whether you’re perfectly healthy or something is not working properly in your body. It is not surprising that every appointment with the doctor is initiated with the language test.

Even Chinese medicine agrees that the tongue is indicative of disease in a person. That is why it is recommended to consult with an otolaryngologist in the case of changes in the appearance on your tongue.

For the reference, these 9 changes in the tongue may indicate health problems. Check them out

Tongue changes indicating diseases

A thin white layer, and several pink spots on tongue

The pink spots on tongue and the white layer are the symptoms that point to the lack of energy in the body. This in turn leads to fatigue, lack of appetite and excessive sweating. Lack of energy also affects a person’s mood and increases their anxiety.

A thin layer of yellow in the middle surrounded by a red surface

Such appearance on the tongue indicates digestive problems, dehydration, as well as skin diseases. In addition, people with these symptoms suffer from frequent mood swings.

White layer similar to mass in contours and swelling

This symptom is linked to digestive system problems and fluid retention. People with this symptom often feel tired and lethargic.

Black spots on purple surface

This symptom says that the circulatory system in danger. So, people with this symptom may suffer from varicose veins, heaviness in the legs, headache, chest pain and dull skin.

A thin white coat with a red tip of the tongue

This symptom indicates excessive exposure to stress resulting from an unstable emotional state. In addition, the energy of the body accumulates in the nodes that cause inflammation.

Red tongue with thick layers of yellow in the middle

This points to a high body temperature, which can be the result of problems of urinary tract or skin infections. People with this symptom are also often nervous.

A thick layer of white in the middle, with swelling of the tongue and pale surface

This indicates an infection or inflammation linked to an autoimmune disease, or deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. This condition causes a pale complexion, back pain and a feeling of panic.

Cracks on a surface of red tongue

This points to a fungal infection in the body, and is often accompanied by night sweats, insomnia and irritability.

A pale tongue without deposits

This symptom suggests reduced blood flow in the body, and possibly anemia, which in turn leads to dizziness and exhaustion. People with this symptom often have trouble withholding information. In women, it may indicate a possible hormonal imbalance.

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