You can prevent Alzheimer’s dementia, diabetes, hypertension and many more serious health diseases using a single leaf infusion!

The olive leaf has always been under the scrutinizing eyes of scientists, the motive? It is very clear, because of its benefits for the immune system and the cardiovascular system. What makes olive leaves special?

This tree whose fruit is the olive that naturally produces a chemical called ‘oleuropenia’. This chemical is responsible for the slightly bitter taste of olives. It contains an endless benefits to the body.

The benefit of consuming olive leaves as opposed to olive oil, is that we can consume more ‘oleuropenia’ amounts. And we get this without adding more oils to our daily diet. This does not mean that the oil is not healthy, but this is a way to reduce the intake of fats in our diet.

Olive tree leaf for Alzheimer’s dementia, strokes, diabetes and more…

The benefits to focus on: It improves the immune system, controls blood pressure, has antiviral properties, improves cardiovascular health, controls blood glucose levels. This is due to its antioxidant load.

It prevents the formation of malignant cells, thus helping to prevent cancer, is also useful against arthritis and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s.

How to prepare the infusion of olive leaves?

First you must test your tolerance to the consumption of this leaf. Make the infusion with 2 or 3 leaves. Wash them very well in case they are fresh, and if they are dry, only use ¼ cup of leaves, that is to say a little. Take your teapot as usual, wait for the water to get to the boiling point, and add the leaves. When it starts boiling, lower the heat and let the leaves stand for 5 minutes.

Like any home remedy, olive leaves have a touch of toxicity, and for some people can be a bit strong. It depends on their health condition. Therefore starting with a low dose is the general recommendation. If no symptoms appear you can infuse 6 leaves per cup and consume at a rate of once a day, only mid-morning after breakfast and use artificial sweetener if you prefer.

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