Prostate cancer prevention should be on the top of the list of all men, as this disease is fairly common. Protect your prostate using this remedy!

The male reproductive system is different from the female, its functioning design and the organs that compose it. Both reproductive devices are very important for men and women and complement each other.

Therefore keeping them healthy and strong is very important for their correct functioning. We all want to be in optimum conditions for any eventuality.

In the case of men, they have an organ called prostate which is part of the male reproductive system and has two very important functions. Prostate allows the passage of urine from the bladder and the passage of semen when ejaculated. Semen is the one that copulates with the ovule to form the baby.

It is very common to hear things about this organ in association with diseases since when men go into adulthood the prostate tends to increase in size. If the size is exceeded the normal prostate can become inflamed and develop tumors and diseases.

Another factor that many avoid and this same becomes the main reason prostate cancer, is that the necessary check-ups are not performed periodically. If you do not perform the tests that merit then you will have no knowledge of the increase and functioning of your prostate.

There are some symptoms that we must also know to identify when the prostate is inflamed, are as detailed below. You need to know them for prostate cancer prevention and prevention of other prostate problems.


Frequent need to urinate.

Difficulty starting the urine stream.

Weak flow of urine.

Sensation of wanting to go to the bathroom even after urinating.

Blood in the urine.

Having several of these symptoms is a sign of problems in the prostate, so you should use remedies in order to correct the problem. Next we will share with you a natural remedy based on nettle as prostate cancer prevention to protect the prostate. We also recommend that you consult your doctor.

Natural recipe for prostate cancer prevention


  • 120g of nettle (leaves)
  • 1l of water

How to prepare it?

Boil the water and when it reaches the boiling point, add the washed nettle leaves and let it boil for 3 minutes. Ingest it daily in order to decrease the size of the prostate.

Other uses of nettle

Prevents kidney stones

Improves circulation

Stabilizes glucose levels

Helps remove dandruff and grow hair

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