Severe bloating and constipation are a result of bad, unhealthy eating habits. See which are the worst and stop doing them immediately!

At some point or another, we all experience bloated stomach. This is because at that point we have eaten something that has caused that phenomenon.

Actually, severe bloating and constipation is a condition that affects a lot of people. It happens as a consequence of an abdominal area diameter increase.

This is due to bad eating habits and unhealthy diets. In order to prevent, stope and cure this condition, you’ll need to take the following advice:

Make time for proper digestion

Today, we live fast and we don’t pay much attention on what and how we eat. We let ourselves starve until we find something to eat and we eat it super-fast.

That is terrible for proper digestion. Proper digestion occurs only when you eat slow and take your time for your organism to digest the food.

Moreover, we tend to eat foods that don’t fit our organisms. For example, you’re lactose intolerant and you eat dairy; how do you expect your stomach to digest the food?

What you need to do in this case is start making a plan for good eating habits. One example could be planning the time when you eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner and how much time you’ll need to do that. Another important thing is to avoid foods that can result in bloating and gas; if you know that beans give you gases, avoid eating beans.

Foods that cause severe bloating and constipation must be avoided

You must, undoubtedly, forget about those foods that you know give you bloating and constipation. There’s a list of foods that causes these symptoms, however, each individual differs and we are all intolerant on different things.

But the foods that give gases in most cases are foods rich in fat and fried foods. This is because they are harder to digest than other foods, and remain into the intestinal system longer.

Be careful when you eat cereals, whole grains, onions, pasta, dairy and tomatoes; they might be the ones that cause your bloating.

Avoid doing things that case reflux and gas

Soda, beer and other carbonated drinks are the main bloating causers. Also, cigarette smoke can causes air excess to the digestive system leading to gas appearance. Surprisingly, gum chewing and candy sucking can also let air go into the digestive system, so these sweet treats can actually cause bloating as well.

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