Chronic liver disease stages develop when you don’t notice the early signs. Look at the 8 early signs of a liver disease and prevent the stages to develop more!

The kidneys perform very important functions in the body. They are responsible for filtering the blood, removing excess water, expelling toxins through the urine, collecting the waste from the blood and removing it from the body, among other very important and vital functions.

These organs are responsible for carrying out all these functions and when something is not right, you should immediately notice it. Our kidneys can lower their performance when they atrophy and emit signals that are manifested in different parts of the body.

One of the most common diseases or most common conditions is kidney stones. Kidney stones cause a lot of pain and interfere with the function of our kidneys.

Kidney stones are formed by a cluster of minerals in the kidney; this cumulus is hardening and forming a stone that sometimes it is possible to eliminate it through the urine. In other occasions the only solution is the surgical intervention.

Kidney stones are not the only condition your kidneys can have. The further chronic liver disease stages that can develop are fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver failure and even liver cancer. The most important thing is to know how to identify the signals emitted by your body when something is not right. The body is very complex and very well designed. Every time an organ has problems it reflects its state in our body.

Chronic liver disease stages and signs

Swelling: The inability of the kidneys to drain liquids makes you swell.

Dark urine.

Need to urinate during the night frequently.

Skin rashes: When the kidneys are unable to remove waste from the body, accumulations cause rashes on the skin.


Shortness of breath.

Metallic taste in the mouth: this can indicate accumulation of waste in the blood.

Pain in the back: the pains can be the product of kidney stones.

Difficulty concentrating and dizziness: Kidney damage causes less oxygen to reach the brain.

These are some of the signs your body emits when the kidneys are suffering from illness. Identifying and acting on time could save your life. So, don’t ignore them!

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