Is soap washing good for your face skin and eyes or not? Have you ever thought of that? Well, you should’ve and here are the reasons why.

Is soap washing good for your face skin and eyes

Today, we have numerous face-care liquids and gels that you’re supposed to wash your face with. Nonetheless, many people still prefer using soap to wash their face rather than all of those face-care products. However, these people are not aware of the negative effects soap can cause to their face. If you’re one of those people who use soap, then you should probably read this article and change your mind.

Is soap washing good for your face skin and eyes?

Most definitely not. Soap dries your skin and this drying effect can cause even more serious damage to your skin. The soap pulls out the water from your skin and causes dry skin cells. Even if you use moisturizer after that, it cannot repair the dehydrated cells. The consequences are tight, dehydrated-looking, cracked skin. No soap is gentle enough for your face skin. The face skin is one of the finest parts of your body and it should be treated with delicacy.

Soaps also cause acne. That’s why dermatologists forbid people who have acne to wash their face with any cosmetic product. They should wash their face with water only.

In addition, soaps can cause skin cancer. As face skin is the softest and most prone to soak all of the harmful ingredients, it’s the best part for the cancer to attack. Soap contains a lot of harmful chemicals, including sodium lauryl sulfate. These chemicals are soaked by the face skin and can easily intervene with the cells movement. Other than that, soaps have high pH levels which literally eat away the protective layer of skin. Those two combined make way for cancerous cells more than you can imagine.


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