Have I had a stroke? Sometimes when you have some weird symptoms you ask yourself that question. See whether it’s true!

A stroke happens whenever there’s oxygen flow obstacle in the blood. This obstacle impedes the brain to get its necessary oxygen to function properly.

This usually happens as blood vessels experience some blockage and the flow of oxygen from the blood to the brain is stopped. The blood vessel then can start bleeding and causing the stroke.

Some people have gone through a stroke without being aware of. Just like in other health problems case, people tend to ignore the stroke signs and continue living like that. But, this can cause further problems so even if you have survived a stroke, you need to be careful about your future actions.

That’s why learning the symptoms of a stroke can save you from further complications, some which are death-threatening.

Have I had a stroke? 8 signs that show it!


Although migraine can mean a lot of things, it could also signal a stroke. If you have a migraine diagnosis, you shouldn’t be that alerted. However, if you haven’t experienced one, you should see your doctor right away; especially if it last for a longer period of time. Even if your migraine is not related to a stroke, you should give it a proper treatment.

Extreme fatigue

This can also be an overlooked sign, however, if you’re feeling fatigue on long-term, you are probably experiencing a stroke.

FAST acronym

F – face that’s dropping on either side

A – arm that is numb or weak on either side

S – speech is garbled or slurred speech due to lack of blood and oxygen supply

T – time is of vital importance; act fast, call for help, call an ambulance

Difficulty thinking and reacting

Problems with the vision in one eye, seeing double or blurred vision

As you may notice from these 8 symptoms, these all happen due to lack of oxygen to the brain. So, if you ever need an answer to your question ‘Have I had a stroke?’ just remember these 8 symptoms and act really fast; every second matters.

Additionally, if you really had a stroke, don’t leave it like that. Go through all the necessary examinations and tests and prevent the development of many other heavier diseases.

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