There are these 4 types of headaches which serve as indicators that something’s wrong with your health. Something more serious than just a simple headache. Although we’ve suggested some homemade cure for headache in our previous posts, we better inform you what do these headaches tell you about your health.

4 types of headaches

We’ve investigated, and we’ve found an incredible research from Dr. Sakib Qureshi, MD, who’s an experienced neurologist. He says that we should not run to the pharmacist in urge for help whenever we have a headache. We should follow the signals and determine whether we have a short-term headache or there’s a bigger problem, signaled by more severe headache type. Let’s look 4 types of headaches separately.

Cluster headache

Cluster headache is agonizing. It affects only one part of the head, around the eye, and it makes such a discomfort, along with runny nose and watery eye. People usually mix it up with allergies when reading through the symptoms, but, it is far from that. It actually happens when there’s a change in the nerve path in the base of the brain.

You should definitely see a neurologist for this one.


This is the most known headache, and the one that many people suffer from (over 38 million in the US only). Not only it’s so irritating, but it signalizes more serious neurological symptoms. The pain usually comes from the top of the head downward, accompanied with dizziness, nausea, throwing up and a feeling of tingling on the face. It can ever trigger sensitivity to light, sound and touch.

It is recommended to see a doctor for this one, however, you might try doing aerobic and using Vitamin B12, omega-3 fats and magnesium.

Sinus headache

Naturally, this headache is caused by sinus inflammation and it gives horrible discomfort. This discomfort is mostly because of the pressure around the eyes. In some cases, the inflammation can cause even fever.

This kind of headache is better treated at home. So, you should put something warm on your forehead, and around the eyes. You should also drink a lot of fluids, warm ones, such as soup and tea. Try drinking those with lemon or orange, because you’ll need a lot of Vitamin C.

Tension headache

The most common headache, or tension headache, is that short-term headache that we mentioned. It is definitely not dangerous, but it can cause pain in the back of the head or the neck. It is usually triggered by stress, some unpleasant events or some argument, even by hunger.

Use a lot of ginger, as it relieves swelling and lowers the blood pressure. Also, drink a lot of water.