Fluid filled cyst in breast is a common problem women face. Some of these cysts are safe, others dangerous. Prevent and treat them like this.

Within the worst fears of women, breast cancer may be one of the biggest. Developing this disease can be completely dangerous for both breast health and general health.

However, developing fluid filled cysts in breast is not the same as having breast cancer. This is important to know since the confusion is very common. Although there is no direct relationship between breast cysts and cancer development, it has been discovered that the presence of cysts may increase the chances that they can become malignant tumors that can subsequently be transformed into cancer.

However, these probabilities increase in women who have not had children. On the other hand, the mammary cyst is a small fluid pouch that appears somewhere in the breast. Cysts can appear at any time, even in girls between the ages of 10 and 12 who begin to develop.

Many are harmless, but others can become malignant due to not having children as mentioned above, or due to cancer in the family. If you want to know how to avoid the onset of cancer and how you should treat fluid filled cyst in breast, we will give you some advice.

Tips for preventing and treating fluid filled cyst in breast

  • Decrease foods high in fats and refined carbohydrates in order to reduce your body fat index when you have those extra pounds.
  • Make a diet rich in whole foods and low in animal fats.
  • Minimize the consumption of food based on dairy.
  • Reduce consumption of coffee and chocolate.

There are also certain foods that can help prevent cysts, which are:

– Broccoli

– Turnips

– Brussel sprouts

– Cabbage

– Green tea: A cup of green tea a day can help you significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

– Don’t forget to go on regular checkups with your doctor. If you discover cysts on time, you will definitely prevent more serious health issues, including breast cancer.

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