How do u know when u have cancer? There are many overlooked signs that you don’t notice but are telling you that cancer is growing somewhere on your body.

Routine tests, regular doctor appointments, eating healthy and being active does not always protect us from cancer. Cancer could be growing in our bodies without us being aware of it.

There are a lot of tell-tell signs and we’ve categorized them and listed them for you, so you could check and always beware of them.

Your body communicates with you, and whenever you get some of these symptoms, immediately pay your doctor a visit.

How do u know when u have cancer?

Difficulties swallowing and chronic cough

These two symptoms are showing you that you might have lung, throat cancer or leukemia. These are common symptoms for these 3 types of ailments that you need to be careful of. Lung cancer symptoms are precisely these two: the chronic cough is accompanied with mucus and difficulty swallowing. Obviously, throat cancer as well: when something is growing on your throat, difficulty swallowing would be the first symptom.

Shortness of breath and chest pain

In addition, shortness of breath and chest pain are the symptoms that lung cancer patients also report. The chest pain can go as far as to the shoulder or the arm. Shortness of breath is only natural when a foreign object is growing inside your lungs.

Swellings or lumps on your body

When lumps show up on your body, depending on the position, they can actually be the visual image of the tumor itself. If you have a lump on the neck it can be a thyroid gland tumor. If you experience puffiness and swelling on your face, underarms or groins, it might signify skin cancer, cell carcinoma and even small cell lung cancer.

Bleeding that cannot be stopped (either menstrual or rectal)

Colorectal, uterine, ovarian, endometrial cancer or leukemia come with excessive bleeding either when you’re having your period or going to the bathroom. Ultrasounds, colonoscopy and blood tests can help in diagnosing it, but it mainly signifies that there’s some abnormal thing going on with your blood cells and blood vessels; thus cancerous cells are spreading.

Bloating and abdominal or pelvic pain

Off and on bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain are the common ovarian cancer symptoms. But these symptoms can also count for leukemia. However, these are two symptoms that people overlook the most. Bloated stomach is something that happens whenever you overeat. But, if that happens off and on all the time, it’s definitely time for you to check yourself.

Back pain, breast pain, stomachache

Back pain is the most obvious liver cancer sign, beast pain and nipple changes show breast cancer and stomachache can signal colorectal and ovarian sign. Although they seem pretty straightforward, people often misinterpretate these signs as common menstrual cramps or a cold.

Chronic infections, fevers, fatigue

Chronic infections, chronic fevers and chronic fatigue are a definite sign that cancer is growing somewhere in your body. But this is the most devious warning sign for leukemia; it seems like a normal flu, and that’s why it leaves dangerous, deadly consequences.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your question how do u know when u have cancer. Don’t ignore the signs, continue going on regular checkups but also, listen to your body. Your body is telling you things you may not wanna know, but you should. Save yourself on time!