Use this detox if you’re a smoker and you intend to quit, because it clears your lungs more than anything else. You sure love smoking, but you need to care for your health as well, right?

use this detox if you're a smoker

There are millions of smokers who have no intention to quit. They simply love their smoke and they won’t quit even if you give them tons of money. If you’re one of those, or you know someone who simply doesn’t want to quit, read this article.

There’s this detox which cleanse your lungs in a matter of days. If you want to be healthier while still smoking, this is the detox you need. Read the steps and make sure you follow them.

Use this detox if you’re a smoker and don’t intend to quit

Eat raw honey

Eating raw honey is so healthy, that even prevents lung cancer. You can start coughing tar after only a few days of eating raw honey. In this way, you cough up everything that’s bad and unnecessary from your lungs.

Avoid processed food and dairy

We’ve mentioned this rule again and again. Processed food and dairy are not only bad for general health but also for your lungs if you’re a smoker. They trigger mucus. You should instead eat alkaline foods and weeds and seeds. All of these increase body oxygen uptake and you do need oxygen, right?

Deep breathing

Whenever you’re not smoking, of course, breath deep. Smoking causes air sac damage and when that happens, it becomes harder for smokers to breath. That’s why you should try breathing as deeply as you can, in order to preserve your air sacs and exercise your lungs. But do it slowly; you don’t want to pass out.

Go on a back massage

A back massage moves lymph and lymph is the responsible fluid that keeps your body clean. But also, a massage involves a lot of breathing, so you’re doing two things at the same time while relaxing.

Drink a lot of water and herb tea

In order to drain toxins, you need to drink a lot of water and herb tea. Herbs like milk thistle can prevent lung cancer, so you need to drink at least two cups of herb tea and one and a half liter of water per day.

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