What is morbid obesity? It may sound like it has no cure, but there’s a new technique that can help you get rid of it without surgery.

Severely obese patients can take advantage of this technique to regain their normal weight. However, once they have acquired healthy habits, after 5 years, the device will be removed.

Until today, treatments for severe or morbid obesity involved delicate operations not without a certain risk.

The intragastric balloon, for example, seeks, above all, to control the patient’s satiety. The purpose of the instrument is that it can improve your eating habits. It is a technique that undoubtedly implies a great personal and psychological investment.

However, this same year a new therapy has already been approved that is giving good results. It is a new approach with which to solve the problems of morbid obesity.

It is the Aspire Assist system, an apparently simple technology (it does not require surgery) that seeks to reduce the calories absorbed by the body.

Here we give you all the data.

What is morbid obesity?

What is morbid obesity? Severe obesity or morbid obesity is one where the person has a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40.

This overweight considerably limits the quality of life. In addition, it is associated with serious diseases that can cause death at a very young age.

Causes of morbid obesity

Far from what many people may think, severe obesity is not only due to overeating, lack of willpower or food filling an emotional void.

Scientific research tells us that several factors can converge:

  • Genetics are undoubtedly of key importance. It is what makes the person, for example, even dieting and exercising, cannot lose weight.
  • Metabolism is another aspect to consider.
  • The environment, educational models, certain diseases … They are highly relevant backbones.
  • Also, experts tell us that there is a theory, “set point”, which you should take into account. Our brain has a kind of thermostat that makes people more likely to gain weight.

Let’s take an example. If you decide to restrict your calorie intake, your brain will respond by lowering your metabolism. You may be able to lose weight for a few weeks but, in a short time, you will regain the lost kilos.

A new approach to obesity treatment

It was the Daser Medical laboratory that created this device which, after being approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is now distributed throughout the world.

Its operation is based on the following points:

  • The Aspire Assist is an endoscopic bypass (a small silicone tube) in the stomach.
  • This silicone tube connects the stomach to the outside. That is, we would have a stoma in our abdomen that serves as an access port.
  • This stoma is barely 2 cm in diameter. It is not noticeable or annoying.

The purpose is the following: that the patient himself carries out the emptying of what he has ingested and that has been stored in the stomach.

Aspire Assist itself absorbs 30% of the food contained in the stomach

It is capable of calculating, depending on what is inside, the right amount to breathe in so that the level of calories that the body is going to absorb later is just and appropriate.

This device also has a counter for safety. The person can never, by himself, increase the number of “aspirations”.

However, and this we must take into account, this procedure is useless if it is not complemented with an adequate program of control and medical monitoring.

Every so often, the person will have to go to their medical program to restart the device’s mechanism again to, in this way, guarantee the control and health of the patient at all times.

What patients who undergo this new technique should know without surgeries or risk of mortality

Many of the treatments to reduce the body mass index usually carry some risk.

Interventions and postoperative procedures are very delicate, and not all severely obese people can undergo these procedures.

However, it is important to remember that this method of vacuuming food is not the solution to severe or morbid obesity: it is a tool.

Its advantage is that it is easy to apply to the patient. Also that the side effects are minimal, but without the involvement and responsibility of oneself it is useless.

Its advantage is that it is easy to apply to the patient. Also that the side effects are minimal, but without the involvement and responsibility of oneself it is useless.

Some factors to take into account

The patient will become part of a rigorous medical control and monitoring program.

It will help you improve his eating habits and lifestyle.

This procedure will last 5 years. After that time, and once the person reaches the appropriate weight, he will stop using the Aspire Assist to maintain and consolidate those acquired habits.

As we can see, science and medicine remain committed to responding to a public health problem such as obesity.

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