Why do my hands keep going numb every time I go to sleep? Is there a medical term for this? Do I have a serious underlying health problem?

If you notice a constant tingling in your hands, do not hesitate to go to the doctor to assess your situation and recommend the best treatment

Did it ever happened? You are asleep and you suddenly wake up with a sensation in your hands, an annoying tingling … Your hands go numb several times during the night forcing you to wake up, a strange sensation that is repeated very often.

Why happens? Is there a remedy? Remember, if your hands go numb while you sleep, it is a priority that you go to a specialist doctor who will recommend the best treatment. In this article we offer you the different causes of why hands get numb, as well as some natural remedies. But you should always heed medical prescriptions.

Cramps or numbness in the hands can be caused by something non-pathological. Being in a bad position and preventing blood from flowing normally, for example.

But, on other occasions, it happens because of something that has nothing to do with your position, as we will see below. An unpleasant sensation that, sometimes, also appears in other areas of the body, such as the legs or feet. Let’s see what the causes are.

Why do my hands keep going numb?

Metacarpal tunnel

Our three main fingers – thumb, index, and middle finger – tend to be the most affected by so-called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), according to studies.

It is a problem associated with the median nerve. A peripheral neuropathy that puts pressure on our wrist. This causes us to feel great pain and makes us lose mobility. As a result, we lose sensitivity and our hands go numb. Therefore, this numbness has been shown to be a symptom of this syndrome. And it is at night when we most feel its annoying effect.

Work performed during the day

Sometimes we put an overload on our wrists. For example, for manual work such as writing a lot on the computer, using scissors, tools, sewing, etc. These can cause the nerves in our hand to suffer.

The continuous flexion and inflection of this part of the body is usually loaded if we exercise it in an intense way. For example, this has been shown to happen in professions where that area of ​​the body is heavily used. In addition, the pain appears especially at night. It is the moment when we no longer exert any movement and the nerves and tendons release their pressure with more intensity.


Another cause of this numbness in the hands is the lack of fluids in our body. Reducing fluid intake, not replenishing water after performing intense exercise or various gastrointestinal disorders, are some of the causes of this dehydration.

B vitamins deficiency

Many times, maintaining a deficient and incorrect diet means that we do not have enough vitamin B intake. This lack causes us consequences that sometimes we do not give too much importance to them. We associate them with other things, such as fatigue from work or day to day, without understanding that it is due to this lack.

Tiredness, drowsiness, pale skin, the sensation of tachycardia, and numbness in the hands and legs are very characteristic symptoms in these cases.

Remedies for when hands get numb

Food and supplements

Before sleeping, take a tablespoon of flax oil. This oil rich in essential fatty acids has anti-inflammatory power, thanks to linamarin. This acts on the extremities, thus relieving the sensation of numbness in our hands.

Eliminate salt and acidifying drinks from your diet. These products accentuate inflammation and the sensation of pain, although there is no evidence of this.

Stay well hydrated, drink at least two liters of water a day. You can make, for example, an artichoke broth drink to benefit from its diuretic and purifying effect. This will prevent fluid retention. You just have to boil a couple of artichokes with water and filter the content. Then you can mix it with half a lemon juice.

It is important that you include foods with vitamin B12 in your diet. These can help you get an adequate contribution. In addition to this, you can find in your pharmacy or in natural stores, tablets of this vitamin, but first do not forget to consult your doctor.

Good habits

If you usually have a manual job in which you are forced to exercise your hands and wrists for many hours, you can use a compression wristband. It will give you adequate pressure to protect your nerves and joints. This way you will avoid the dreaded overloads.

You can also do regular wrist exercises. Another option is massage with an anti-inflammatory remedy such as arnica.

Dip your hands in the bathroom sink with cool water. If you include cubes in it it will be much more effective. You will relieve pressure, nerve inflammation, and pain. Do it before going to sleep and you will notice a little rest.

Do not hesitate to consult a specialist if the tingling persists. It is important to seek help to rule out possible causes.

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