When you have pores visible on face, you feel like you’re the less attractive creature on this world. Find the solution – use these 3 homemade face masks.

It is normal for people to have in the face some area with dilated pores. This part of the face forces us to use more makeup to hide them. But now, we’ll show you some simple masks to eliminate pores visible on face completely.

We all know that dilated pores are not due to some disease or that they are a symptom that something is wrong with our body .It is just that they are bothering and causing us to use magic tricks to get rid of them. Worst of all, these dilated pores tend to get dirty, making our face look even worse.

The main cause for which pores appear on the face is the presence of glands that produce sebum The pores open as a result of the appearance of these glands.

If the pores are large it is for genetic reasons or sweating, excess of fat or incorrect cleaning of the face. When the pore is larger, more bait produces. We also know that the area of ​​the face that is always a victim of open pores is the nose. This is where the pores visible on face are most detectable.

Masks to remove pores visible on face

Aloe Vera and orange face mask

This mask tones the skin thanks to its large amounts of vitamin C that exfoliates the face. You need the following:

– Orange Juice

– 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera gel


– Prepare the orange juice and aloe Vera gel

– Heat the juice and gradually add the gel to integrate better

– When mixed, leave it to cool or use it warm. Let it act for 20 minutes

– Remove and anoint moisturizer.

Baking soda and egg mask

You will be able to nourish and tone your skin; this is why this combination is ideal. You need:

– Half glass of milk

– 1 tablespoon baking soda

– Egg white


– Add the milk in a bowl, add the baking soda and the egg white. Beat it or mix it with a spoon very well

– With a cotton ball, apply the paste and massage the face

– Use it two times a week for approximately 15 minutes

– Wash your face and apply a moisturizer

Mask of wheat and lemon flour

With its enormous amount of vitamins, it is the best mask for face skin. You need:

– Half glass of warm water

– 3 tablespoons of wheat flour

– Half lemon juice


– Mix the ingredients until you get a paste

– Apply it for 20 minutes and try not to make many expressions

– Remove it with fresh water and then use moisturizer. Use it twice a week

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