8 Shaving Mistakes Everyone Makes Without Being Aware Of It!

Shaving mistakes can make your skin itchy, dry, painful and full with red pimples or cuts. Read all about them and stop making them immediately!

In the early 1900s, shaving of the legs was a very controversial subject. However, for the twenty-first century, this is something totally normal, done by both men and women. Even many women still does very regularly.

Even so, most still make the same shaving mistakes after the hair removal. Next, we list the 8 shaving mistakes most people make.

8 shaving mistakes

Doing it very quickly

Maybe you go into the bathroom with the only mission of shaving your legs as soon as possible. But our advice is to take it easy. It is preferable that you shave after several minutes in the water. That way, you will give time for the water to soften the hairs you want to eliminate and it will cost you less to do so. If you do that, we assure you you’ll get better results.

Shaving at a bad time

Many women get up early daily to have perfect legs without any hairs for the day. If you are one of those, you have to know something: that is of no use. It is better to shave before bed than just when you get up. This is because, in sleep, the extremities swell and the hair is hidden inside the hair follicle.

Doing it without shaving foam

It should be very clear to you that soap and water are not enough to shave without causing damage. More than one decides to apply soap or to do it very quickly without using the recommended cosmetics. That is why, when trying to move the blades, they end up tearing the skin, since the skin does not have the proper lubrication. If you do not want to use foam or gel to shave, at least apply hair conditioner.

Using disposable razors

Razor with one blade are of no use. First of all, they are just for one use. Secondly, they irritate the skin. It is good to use them in case of emergency, but it is advisable to use one with more than 3 blades. They will remove hair from the legs more easily and without causing irritation.

Not changing the edges

Although you may not make one of the previous shaving mistakes, you surely make this one. If you use reusable razors, you most likely will not change the leaflets as frequently. As soon as you see that they have lost their edge, change them. In this way, you will avoid irritation and the appearance of any skin infection.

Shaving against the grain

Shaving against the grain can give you surprising results, as you eliminate even the shortest hairs. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may provoke irritation and incarnation of hairs. In the latter case, it is best to start shaving in the direction of hair growth. That way you will avoid irritation, blemishes, rashes and other skin problems.

Not preparing your skin beforehand

When you shave without preparing your skin beforehand, you will have a better chance of hairs becoming incarnated. That’s why, before shaving your legs, use an exfoliating cream to prepare the skin. It will be much better if you have a homemade one, perhaps prepared with salt or sugar. On the internet you can find many ways to prepare one yourself. If you get used to using this exfoliating lotion before shaving, you will notice a great improvement.

Shaving with razors for men

You might say that these razors do a better job than the female ones, but keep the following tip in mind. These razors are straight, designed to remove hair from the face and neck of men. That’s why they are not the best to deal with hair in the armpits, legs and crotch. In addition, the male hair is thicker than the female, so they have much more sharp cutting edge, which can cut you.

Surely you also committed more than one of the shaving mistakes mentioned above. Now that you know what you have to do, do not hesitate to put these tips into practice. If you do, you will notice how the shaving process becomes more pleasurable for you.

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