All women experience menstrual problems at least once. This is what they do wrong their entire lives that cause these sometimes deadly problems.

Each woman goes through different period cramps. Some have stomachache or ovary pain, some have a headache, some have a back pain, and some even vomit before or during their period.

These are normal things. Your blood vessels are going crazy during the period and that’s why you experience pain in different areas.

However, sometimes you make things worse with your lifelong habits. Some things should be avoided in order to soothe menstrual problems or stop them for good.

How to avoid severe menstrual problems?

Lack of sleep

Staying up all night for whatever reason is not good for your general health, but especially when it comes to your period. Although sometimes it takes a while until you really fall asleep, sleeping is really important during your period. This is when your organism relaxes and the blood vessels find their way to normalize.

Unprotected sexual intercourse

The whole point of bleeding, ergo your period, is to cleanse your body. When you’re on your period, you should avoid the lovemaking. First of all, it’s gross, but some women cannot hold back. Second, this is the worse time to make love to your partner from a health aspect: you’re adding fuel to the fire. While your organism is trying to get rid of bacteria and toxins, you’re putting it back. In addition, if you’re practicing unprotected sexual intercourse, you’re putting yourself at risk: you get many infections precisely by doing that while on your period.

Working hard and long hours

We’re living in a material world, as Madona would sing. Unfortunately, we all need to work in order to afford a normal life and not starve to death. However, when you’re on your period, avoid too much stressing over work, try cutting on some difficult task that can take your energy away. When you’re on your period, try taking some time off when you’re not that busy. Breathe, relax and you’ll be fine.

Physical work

Sadly enough, millions of women all around the world still have physical, exhausting jobs. While you cannot change that (or maybe you could if you try hard), you could change your household habits. There’s no real need to vacuum today or mow the lawn. You can do that in a few days. Today, stay in your bed and do the absolutely necessary errands, like cooking or something.

Not eating well

Never skip your meals, no matter how painful things can get. Even if you cannot get out of bed or open your mouth, ask your loved ones to prepare you some healthy meal. Eating good and healthy is essential here: you’re losing too much blood and you need to compensate for that.

Avoid drinking to much water or eat watery foods

If you eat cucumbers or watermelons or drink a lot of water during your period, you risk blood left behind in the uterine wall.

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