Having coffee in the morning is a must for some people; if you’re one of them, read this and you’ll reconsider that habit!

Many people drink coffee daily, as this drink becomes a vice for many and cannot spend a day without having a cup at least. Coffee can be very good for certain aspects, although – like anything else – if taken too much can be counterproductive and damage certain things of our body.

A very important aspect that you must take into account is drinking coffee in the morning when you have not eaten anything else. Having breakfast in the morning is very important, as it is at this time that our body absorbs the nutrients to start working in a normal way; thus, to be ready to face the day.

Well, you must pay attention to what you eat when you wake up. First of all, it is best to start your day with a glass of water, although there are many cases where people drink a cup of coffee just when they wake up. This may be causing them progressive damage in the body, especially at the gastrointestinal level.

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If you are the one who cannot start the day without having a cup of coffee just at the moment of waking, you should continue reading this information so you know what this can provke. Keep reading the following information to find out everything about this important and relevant topic.

This is what happens when you drink coffee in the morning

There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee. It is a drink that gives us energy and awakens us to face our morning tasks. But drinking it without having something in the stomach is a real problem.

When you drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach you are providing an increase in hydrochloric acid in your digestive system. This can cause gastritis and if you already suffer from it recurrently, this way you will only make your case worse.

When you suffer from an increase of this acid the process of digestion is affected and the proteins are digested more slowly. In addition to pain, acidity, inflammation and irritation, incidentally, it creates gastric ulcers, which is why many people tend to have mild bleeding and burning with certain foods.

To make matters worse, if you are a person with irritable bowel syndrome, coffee is a great detonator of abdominal distension and gastrointestinal spasms. So, you will suffer more if you drink coffee also during the day. Nonetheless, it all depends on the person; some can be a bit tolerable.

So, knowing this you should start considering stopping drinking coffee before eating something. The best thing to do is to drink your morning coffee after breakfast. This way you will not cause any alteration in your digestive system.

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