Do you want cool hair dyes which are natural and have no chemicals whatsoever? See the recipes and get perfect highlights!

An amazing 65% of women all around the world dye their hair. When a woman sees one gray hair she immediately goes to her hair dresser in order to dye their hair. Moreover, young women also dye their hair for fashion purposes and better looks.

However, the hair dyes you normally use are full with harmful chemicals that not only damage your scalp, but are also dangerous for your body. These chemicals get absorbed by the skin and are being easily transmitted all over your body.

This chemical spreading causes a lot of negative effects on your overall health. That’s why it would be nice if you could find perfectly natural and cool hair dyes for your hair, right?

Here’s where we come in hand. We’ll show you a few natural hair dyes which will magically highlight your hair and you will look pretty while remaining perfectly healthy.

Cool hair dyes recipes

For dark brown color

Walnut shells

Crush some walnut shells and boil them in a pot for half an hour. Put the pot aside in order to cool down and strain the mixture. Apply the mixture on your hair and let it act for an hour. Wash your hair with warm water.

Rosemary, sage and nettle

Take a few leaves of rosemary, sage and nettle and boil them for 30 minutes. Strain the tea and leave it cool. Apply it on your hair, leave it to act for one hour and wash your hair.


Take two tablespoons of strong organic coffee and boil it. Leave it to cool down and add two more tablespoons of coffee grounds in the mixture. Apply it on your hair and let it act for one hour. Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar then rinse with water. If you want a more intense color, after you shampoo your hair, apply ground coffee on your wet hair. Leave it act for 20 minutes and wash again with apple cider vinegar. Finally, wash your hair with warm water only.

For red color

Marigold, hibiscus, calendula and rosehips

Take a few leaves of marigold, hibiscus, calendula and rosehips and bring them to boil. Let them simmer for at least half an hour then strain them. Apply the mixture on your hair and if possible, let the hair dry under the sun.

For blonde hair and highlights

Lemon juice

Juice 2 lemons and put the juice in a spray bottle. Spray the juice on the areas that you want to be highlighter and comb your hair. Once you do that, let the juice act for a few hours. For a lighter color, dry your hair on the sun. If you’re still trying to get a lighter color, repeat the procedure a few times until you get the perfect results.

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