We all have face imperfections; whether they are pimples, acne, dark spots, white spots… We all have them. Use a single recipe and your face will shine again!

Our skin is the lining that covers all the nerves, veins, tendons, muscles, skeleton, organs and so on. It is an organ, very delicate per se, and requires a lot of care, care that we rarely give as it deserves.

It is necessary to take care of the skin since it is always exposed to external factors such as radiation from the sun, dryness, mistreatment, etc. Face imperfections can occur due to many factors, one of the most common factors is the sun.

The damages, especially those that are reflected in the face, make us feel ugly and tend to lower our self-esteem because we are disgusted and we are constantly looking at them. For these reasons the best solution is to get rid of face imperfections.

When the skin shows scars, stains and so on, it certainly loses the beauty that characterized it when it was in good condition. There are many products and processes that you can apply to eliminate wrinkles, but some of these products such as Botox, for example are often very dangerous.

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Another method is laser treatment. However, we have more natural and less risky products to use. The most advisable thing is that you treat these problems with natural products which are less expensive and do not put your health at risk. We will share an excellent recipe for blemishes, skin imperfections. This recipe is very effective and natural, which counts as an advantage, and does not cause side effects.

Yet, another advantage is that the ingredients that you need to use are very easy to acquire and are also very cheap. So there are no excuses for having a dark or stained skin, or any other type of face imperfection.

Treat face imperfections with a single mixture


  • 1 egg (Extract white only)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • ½ tablespoon black pepper oil

How to prepare it

In a bowl mix all the ingredients. Extract the egg white and combine with the remaining ingredients. You should mix it very well so that everything is well integrated and the properties of the egg are activated.

How to use it

Apply this mask on your face, covering it completely. Allow it to act for 20 minutes, and afterwards, wash and rinse with natural soap and plenty of water.

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