Foot base pain, toes pain or any other foot pain can be prevented using these tricks! You’ll be able to wear any footwear and you’ll no more feel pain!

Since we learn to walk, our feet are responsible for sustaining our weight for the rest of our lives. This is from the time we get up until we go to bed every day.

It depends on the situation, we walk, jog and run, also we use respective footwear depending on the activity that we have. Our feet are subjected to all the stress that we live daily.

Besides all the work that we give to our feet without realizing it, they too are victims of diseases like infections, fungus, bad smell, among others. For that reason is that we must keep them well cared for and completely healthy, since these problems can affect our lifestyle. Also certain pains in the feet that we cannot avoid are manifested and their main cause is the footwear.

Now, in this article we are going to share some tips that you must follow so that the shoe does not cause strong foot base pains. This way you will have a problem less to worry about. In addition, we will also share some natural remedies that relieve foot base pain.

Tricks to avoid foot base pain caused by shoes

Change the way you tie the braids: without realizing we sometimes tie our braids incorrectly or very strong. Change the way you tie them without having to squeeze your feet so much. In this way, you will not make them too tight and cause pain.

Rest: If you must wear tight shoes or high heels all day, take some breaks to regulate the circulation. Raise your feet for 5 minutes or remove the shoes to rest.

Gel bows: These help to avoid the impact of heels on your feet when walking. Buy some and you will see how the pain will not appear again.

Avoid the pains: if you see that your shoes will cause blisters, it is best to prevent this from happening using protectors.

If shoes become enlarged: sometimes standing on your feet all day can enlarge your shoes. If they start getting bigger, put a bag with ice inside the shoe and they will tighten.

As a remedy for foot base pains the following is recommended: make baths with salt water, or you can dip your feet in infusion of chamomile or ginger.

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