A lump on the neck always provokes negative feelings and thoughts. This guy had the same thoughts and decided to squeeze it and see what’s going on! Check it out!

Although this guy had this lump for over two decades, he first decided not to touch it or play with it. Then, in 2010, he noticed that the lump began growing and becoming red so he finally decided to squeeze it.

The thing is, after so many years, the spot started growing and hurting him, so he knew he needed to do something about it. The claim is that the pain was so horrible that he felt it throughout the whole neck.

This guy and his wife were on a trip, so going to a medical clinic was out of question. To get rid of the pain and pressure, at least he decided to squeeze it. He claims that the squeezing was not painful at all, but it was gross… definitely gross, and you’ll see why in a while.

How to squeeze a lump on the neck?

As he was not sure what to do precisely, he searched the internet and realized that the thing he needed to do is to apply pressure and squeeze it long… until all the pus is out.

Due to the long presence of the lump, he predicted that something weird is going to come out, so he asked his wife to film the whole process. They were prepared, of course; they had gauze, alcohol and bandages handy.

As you can see from the video, the spot is red, inflamed and ready to explode; it just needs a little squeeze. But wait for it: that’s not all.

It turns out, a little squeeze was not that helpful. His wife needed to unblock the lump using a pin. The first things that came out were blood and clear liquid, as you would assume; as any normal lump squeezing would do.

But then, he squeezed more, just in case, and that’s the weird part… A worm-like stuff started going out like crazy!

What happened then?

That worm-like stuff seemed to never end. They claim that it was very long, and formed of dead cells and bacteria.

After that thing came out, the guy claims that he felt a special relief. All of a sudden, his neck pain was gone and he felt off pressure.

But that’s not all: he had to repeat this procedure 2-3 times in one day; for a week! That thing seemed to never stop coming out!

Finally, after that one week, there was nothing left. Soon enough, the neck pain was gone altogether, but the lump stayed. It didn’t hurt anymore, but it was there.

To this day, the lump is visible but causes no problems so far. The thing is you need to be careful not to leave a lump on the neck untreated, because they could cause more serious health problems.


source : http://www.guideforhealthylife.com/