Hair loss on top of head can make you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, with low self-esteem. Don’t go through all that; use this and enjoy the results!

For women, fashion is something that is natural for them to look up to and they need look the best way. In many places, especially in Europe, this is every day because if you are not “fashionable” you are not part of society. Therefore you can be considered as a zero and left aside.

However there are different types of fashion that today women continue to follow and strive to look like real divas. The first must certainly be the clothes, something that makes you look stunning, flawless and beautiful. The second one must be the hair; the hair must look casual but at the same time wonderful!

Some want to look good thanks to cosmetics. As we know there are women who live to make up as well as they can. This way they feel good and fashionable. They want this so bad so they even look for a professional makeup artist and pay large amounts of money only for few details on the face.

But there are others that are the most common who are preoccupied with their hair. We know very well that there are different types of hair or lengths. But this article is especially for women who have a long hair that looks spectacular. However, what happens if these women experience hair loss on top of head? They seek for help immediately!

How can you repair hair loss on top of head?

There are many ways to grow hair but for women the most used are undoubtedly surgeries. It is true that in most case, surgeries can be very effective but sometimes they do not work as they should or make the wallet cry for the amount of money you are investing in looking “beautiful”.

This is why we present you two oils that can help you to grow hair naturally and get rid of hair loss on top of head. For this, you will need the following ingredients.


  • Six tablespoons of castor oil
  • Five or six tablespoons of almond oil


In a container of good size, proceed to mix the two oils so that the mixture it is completely homogeneous.


Apply a small portion of the mixture leaving it to act for about thirty minutes. Then, wash with plenty of water. Repeat the procedure once a week for a certain time to see results.

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