Too much ear wax and dirt can cause pain in your ears, itching and even spread of dangerous bacteria throughout your body! You can even lose your hearing!

Our body has mechanisms to prevent bacteria, external aggressors and others from entering our system. All these forms serve for protection, one of them is the wax that the ears produce, also called as cerumen.

If you ever wondered why this substance accumulates, then here is the answer. Although for some people it is unpleasant, ear wax has a very important and special function because the internal organs of the ear are very delicate and need extreme protection.

Cerumen is a gel composed of dead cells that are shed on the skin. It consists of fat secretions, ear hairs, etc. Wax is necessary to protect, but sometimes it is over-produced and creates earplugs that make it difficult to hear. It also causes itching, earaches, reversible loss of hearing and even dizziness.

When there’s too much ear wax, and the wax is excessive and obstinate to leave, a lot of time can cause hearing problems, and it is advisable to seek professional help. In these cases we recommend that you clean your ears regularly and when taking a bath you should also wash your ears in order to remove accumulated dirt and to make the wax softer when cleaning it.

What we should not do in cases where there’s too much ear wax is, use pointed objects such as forks, matches, corners of napkins, spikes, sticks, and so on. Avoid using earplugs, earphones, hearing aids, etc; avoid using hazardous chemicals in the ear or any of these will get stuck in the ear canals.

There are many natural products that serve to remove the wax effectively, without causing damage or side effects. Today we will share some of them, which you will use to remove too much wax in a short time and with ease.

Home remedies to remove too much ear wax


Dilute 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in water, apply this mixture in the ear to treat with the help of a dropper. After a few minutes drain the liquid and clean the area with a cotton.

Alcohol and vinegar

Select the amount of vinegar and alcohol you consider necessary (a few drops) and combine in equal parts both ingredients. Take cotton and immerse it in the mixture to apply on the ears, remain in the same position tilting the head in the opposite direction to the solution.

Mustard oil

Pour a few drops into the ear and hold for 5 minutes, over time wipe with cotton. You can heat this oil, but not too much.


Bring a cup of water and add 1 tablespoon of salt. Dip a cotton in this substance and introduce it in the ear. This method serves to soften the wax and is easy to remove, so clean the area after applying salt water.

Baby oil

Apply a few drops of this oil to the ear. After 10 minutes, carefully wipe the ear.

Apple vinager

Heat a soda water and add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar to it. Wash the ear with this solution. Perform this process regularly for 3 days.

You can also use white vinegar alternatively.

Paraffin oil

Heat a little of this oil and bring 3-4 drops to the ear with the help of a dropper. Tilt your head in the opposite direction to the ear and after a few minutes drain.


Use a dropper and pour a few drops into the ear, this helps to melt the wax and reduce itching. Perform this process overnight and place cotton so the substance does not come out.

Almond oil

Put a few drops of oil in the ear for 10 minutes, remaining with the head tilted in the opposite direction to the ear. After time, wipe with a soft cotton cloth.

Sodium bicarbonate

Combine half a tablespoon of baking soda with 4 teaspoons of water. Mix well and put several drops in the ear. After several minutes, wash with warm water.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Eat foods containing omega 3, this will serve to make the wax production is not excessive and easy to eliminate.

Olive oil

Apply a few drops of olive oil to the ears, oil a little warm, but not too much so that it does not cause damage.


Hot chopped garlic cloves and coconut oil, to apply on the ears must wait until they have cooled. Remove the pieces of garlic from the oil and in this soak a cotton and apply in the ear.

Mineral oil

Put a few drops of mineral oil to soften the earwax.

Coconut oil

Heat coconut oil and apply several drops to the ear, wait 5 minutes and then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

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