How To Quit Smoking With No Effort Whatsoever?

How to quit smoking when you absolutely love it? Smoking is definitely not part of a healthy lifestyle. Period. You gotta know that by now. You’re denying it, we’re sure, but you are aware. We gotta do something about that right now.

how to quit smoking

Let’s look at the easiest way that helped people solve the mystery on how to quit smoking. Quitting smoking while trying to lead a healthy lifestyle is less painful because you’re thinking clearly and you are determined. Determined people succeed in quitting smoking. First of all, you’re determined that you want to live a better, healthier life. Good for you. And now, you know that you need to quit all of the bad habits, drinking included. So, you decide that it’s time. Your favorite cigarettes gotta go.

How to quit smoking? – Gradually!

For one thing, your body will give you the right signals. Your body will show the signs that smoking is not good for you while you’re exercising and eating healthy. So, day by day, you’ll feel the need to quit. And by default, you’ll cut down a few cigarettes from your daily routines day by day. Finally, you’ll see that you actually don’t even need them. They’re bad for your lungs, bad for your blood and bad for your energy. And you need your energy and clean lungs for your workouts, and for your general health. However, there might be some cravings. In that case, we offer you another suggestion.


Although you might be familiar with stevia as a sugar substitute, a sweetener, it is also of great help with withdrawal. Whenever you have cravings for cigarettes, caused by the lack of nicotine, you can apply a few drops of liquid stevia on your tongue. Liquid stevia can be found in every health-stores and even some supermarkets. Stevia is also good for your blood sugar and weight loss, as it decreases the desire for sweets, so there’s another benefit in consuming it.

Last piece of advice: quitting smoking is a very difficult, long process you need to go through, but it’s also very important not to give up. With the right support from your loved ones, few drops of stevia and a lot of patience, you’ll make it. Guaranteed!