Learn How To Whiten Sneakers And Make Them Perfectly White And As Good As New With A Little Trick!

See how to whiten sneakers with simple ingredients that you already have at home and make them as good as new! You’ll love the results!

The white footwear is very pleasing to the eye, especially because it can be combined with all kinds of clothing without any problem.

But the drawback of this type of footwear is that it get usually dirty with great ease, so it costs a lot of work to wash them and that these become bright white again.

If you are one of the people who have white shoes and it is costing a lot of work to clean them, do not worry. This time we will let you know an excellent trick with which you will be able to whitewash your white tennis shoes without much trouble. The results are amazing!

How to whiten sneakers?

What you will need:

  • Cold and hot water
  • Two cubes
  • Chlorine
  • Baking soda
  • A toothbrush or a hand brush for cleaning
  • Detergent for clothes or liquid detergent
  • Cleaning gloves


Start by removing the laces of your tennis shoes and wash them with water and detergent or soap. Once clean, put the laces to dry in the sun.

Next, in a bucket add hot water, a part of detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda. Put on your gloves, stir with your hand to mix all the products and put the tennis shoes inside. Make sure the water covers them completely.

Now use the brush to carve the tennis on all sides, to remove as much dirt as possible. Then rinse them with cold water and squeeze them with your hand to remove excess water.

In another container, place 3 caps of chlorine for 1 cup of water and mix very well. Put your tennis shoes inside the container and let them rest covered by the water for 2 hours. Move them inside the container from time to time.

After 2 hours, rinse the tennis shoes very well with cold water, squeeze them with your hand, and let them dry on a clothesline.

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If the tennis shoes are very soiled or stained, leave them in a solution of oxygenated water with clean water for 20 minutes. Then rinse them well, squeeze them with your hands and let them dry. The tennis shoes are already clean!

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