How to keep a bathroom clean is the housewives nightmare. Learn this trick that’s more effective than any other cleaning products!

We all postpone bathroom cleaning. It’s like we avoid it forever until we become embarrassed when someone unexpectedly stops by and wants to use the toilet.

This embarrassing moment finally opens our eyes. It’s time for bathroom cleaning. And how to keep a bathroom clean best if not with chlorine? Well, chlorine is not the only solution.

Although the mildew, dirt and grout seem impossible to clean with regular cleaning products, there are some secrets that can actually help you clean your bathroom extremely fast and easy.

In addition, the cleaning products, are not only inefficient, but are also harmful for your health. They contain dangerous chemicals and toxins that go directly inside your body as you breathe or touch them without your gloves.

Then how to find a solution? Some smart and devious housewives have tried this amazing trick and made their life easier. Do you want to know their secret?

How to keep a bathroom clean

You will be the one who will make your own cleaning agent that will make your bathroom shine. All you need is a few ingredients that are already in your home, you just need to mix them.

  • Clean cloth
  • 1 cup of liquid soap
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • Empty spray bottle

First, heat the vinegar. Do that for 3 minutes then pour it in the bottle. After that, add the liquid soap and start shaking. Shake the ingredients for a fee minutes in order to mix them well.

Now, spray the bathroom surfaces that need cleaning with the mixture and leave it like that to act for 1-2 minutes. Next, take the clean cloth and wipe. See how easy it was? Unbelievable, right?

Moreover, you can use the same mixture to clean the porcelain-made sinks and toilets. Don’t worry, nothing bad can happen. As you can see, these are perfectly safe ingredients that you use every single day of your life, so how could they possibly damage your bathroom.

Enjoy the freshness and shininess of your ‘new’ bathroom!