Do you wanna know how to make your clothes smell good in the washer? Look at these amazing tricks and smell nice wherever you go!

Clothing is a very important part for people today, because thanks to each garment they select is a way of expressing what kind of personality they have. So everyone chooses what they prefer according to their tastes, but some simply love their clothes too much.

People who are obsessed with what they wear also tend to be very careful to keep them from smearing it. But this is almost impossible as accidents happen and it is unlikely to avoid them all. So it’s best to know what is what you can do to clean them.

Dry cleaners are often the first choice for those who cannot find a way to eliminate that stain that bothers them. But this is often a very costly alternative, as companies cling to your desperation to take away money that could save you otherwise.

Moreover, people also pay attention to how their clothes will smell. Often, washers tend to have this musty smell which the clothes absorb. Then, how to make your clothes smell good in the washer?

What we are about to tell you will be the best solution you will find. You can carry out all of the options that from the comfort of your home, without paying a lot of money and with extremely accessible tools. It will clean all the stains and leave all of your clothes smelling like heaven!

How to make your clothes smell good in the washer, removing all the stains?

Sometimes it is impossible not to stain your favorite blouse. There are times when the food is too delicious to take care of that. Or, you are at a party drinking wine and you do not perceive the moment when someone spills wine on your clothes. Furthermore, by removing that stain, your clothes can absorb and maintain a disgusting smell from the chemicals you would use to clean it.

Now you do not have to worry about that, much less spend money on endless chemicals. Follow the instructions we will give you next.

Cleaning tricks

With baking soda: with the help of 4 liters of water plus a cup of baking soda your white linen will again be flawless.

Lemon vinegar: is ideal for washing all kinds of clothes, and will give a nice citrus smell throughout the process.

Aspirin: Only dissolve 6 aspirins into the water and let it act for 30 minutes. Then, add a little bit of vanilla extract and your clothes will smell amazing!

In addition to all these tricks we recommend adding a cup with lemon juice to rinse your clothes. In this way, you’ll eliminate the stains and have your clothes smell breathtakingly!

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