See how to permanently get rid of ants with the aid of some natural ingredients that you can find at home. Learn the trick and use it today!

Ants are everywhere! They are one of the most disturbing insects that can exist. They carry whatever they find in their path if it is in their interest, sometimes even things that are not part of their diet. You cannot leave anything outside the refrigerator or in an unsafe place since they arrive immediately to attack.

Sometimes you feel that no repellent helps. However, it is not necessary to try to repel ants with chemicals; instead you can use natural repellents to keep them away. It is better because it is more economical, very effective, and inexpensive and can be made at home. Now we’ll teach you how to permanently get rid of ants; just follow our advice.

How to permanently get rid of ants?


It is an aromatic herb widely used to make tea and spice dishes. You can sprinkle essential peppermint oil on the frames of the windows and doors. Your house will have a pleasant aroma and this will keep insects away.

Another way to do this is to make an infusion with a handful of mint leaves and a cup of water. Let it cool and then place it in a spray container and pulverize the corners of your home.

Another alternative is to make dry mint sachets and hang them on the vertices of your windows.

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Spices and herbs

You can spread chili powder, mint, cinnamon, cayenne and sweet clove, in places that ants pass. Many people claim that when the bay leaves are placed in the cupboards or drawers serves to keep away the insects that try to enter, due to the strong smell that drives them away.

If you have pets or small children you must be careful since the spices can cause allergies.

Water with soap

Soapy water prevents the easy movement of the ants so they hate this combination. You can make this repellent by mixing a few drops of liquid soap or detergent with water, place it in a spray bottle and pour it in the places where the ants pass.

Apple vinegar

This is a prefect product to keep insects away. If the ants are in your kitchen, cabinets, floors and other part of your home what you should do is apply a mixture of vinegar with warm water in equal amounts and spread them in the places they have invaded. It is very effective since the ants do not tolerate the smell of vinegar..

Peel of cucumber or citrus

The citrus peels as well as the orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, also the cucumber in this case are very effective because when they decompose they become toxic to the ants and this causes the ants to avoid them.

Aromatic herbs

Use peppermint, lavender, basil, thyme, and oregano as these herbs are not at all pleasing to ants.

Lemon juice

Lemon is a powerful element that should not be missing in homes. In the case of ants the lemon is one of your best allies. Sprinkle lemon juice on the doorways and windows. You can dilute it in water if you wish, but if you use it pure it is better since it is stronger and causes the insects to lose their direction.


The powdered or split egg shell may be the best solution for ants not to enter your home, if you place it on the doors and windows.


We are talking about the chalk that our teachers used to write on the blackboard. This element can effectively combat ants. What you should do is draw a line where the ants pass.

Coffee grains

Spread coffee beans in the garden if there is the problem of ants. The ants will be repelled by the smell of coffee.

Recipes to repel ants

First recipe: Mix a cup of water with a large spoonful of hot sauce or chili, a quarter cup of liquid soap and a small spoonful of mint or peppermint oil. Put it in a spraying bottle and sprinkle it wherever the ants walk.

Second recipe: Place in a spraying bottle of 30 ml a mixture pf these herbs: tea tree, poleo, cintronela, rose, cinnamon and mint. Add three large tablespoons of this mixture for every two cups of water and stir well. Spray this compound in places that frequent ants.

Third recipe: Grind a handful of nettles. Bring 5 liters of water to boil for half an hour and let them stand for 5 hours. Afterwards, sprinkle the mixture in the places where ants pass.

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