Prepare These 3 Amazing Dandruff Solutions At Home And Get Rid Of It Forever!

Did you know that you can make your own dandruff solutions at home? Just look at these 3 solutions, chose your favorite and your hair will look astonishing!

Thousands of people around the world struggle with dandruff every day. It is simply unexplainable how dandruff comes and goes in our lives.

Though, many are stuck with it for years. No one wants to look at their hair and think ‘God, I cannot go out with these flakes on my hair!’

Of course, there are millions solutions in the cosmetics business which promise and guarantee success. However, every person’s hair is different and not all of the cosmetic products fit your hair.

But today you got lucky. We’ll present to you how to make the three most amazing dandruff solutions at home! They fit to every type of hair, dry or oily, because they are perfectly natural! In fact, you can go to your kitchen and see that you have these ingredients in your kitchen even now!

Make your own dandruff solutions at home!

Bay leaf tea

Massage your hair and scalp with a natural, refreshing bay leaf tea. All you need is a few bay leaves and 4 cups of water. You know the procedure for making a regular tea: boil the water, add the leaves. Let the tea cool down then strain it. You should wash your hair with the tea and you should wrap it in a cotton towel. Stay with the towel on your hair for an hour. Now, you could wash your hair with water if you want, but you could also just dry it. Bay leaves won’t do any harm; just good.

Lemon juice

For this solution, you’ll need to juice one lemon. First, you’ll need to take 2 tablespoons of the juice in your hands and apply it on your hair ( if your hair is long, double the dose). Then wait for 5 minutes. This serves as a conditioner. Next, mix the rest of the lemon juice with water and wash your hair with it. For example, if you used 2 tablespoons the first time, now take 1 tablespoon and mix it with 200 milliliters of water. Now you have enough solution to wash the hair properly. Needless to mention, if your hair is long, you’d have to use twice the dosage that we mentioned.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is perfect hair remedy, but no one prefers it because they are afraid of the smell. Let’s make one thing clear: the smell evaporates after some time, but the effect doesn’t!

Now, take 100 milliliters of water and 100 milliliters of apple cider vinegar. Mix them and wash your hair with the mixture as you would do with your regular shampoo.

Dry your hair and you’ll see how there’s no smell left after your hair dries. Stop worrying about the smell and enjoy the results!