Prevent Getting Dark Dry Patches On Skin With These Homemade Tricks

Dark dry patches on skin usually appear on the areas such as elbows, knees or feet. Prevent and get rid of them using these homemade tricks!

Many times in some areas of our body, our skin tends to darken. Although this does not look very pleasing to the eye, speaking aesthetically, the truth is that constant friction of the skin produces it.

This phenomenon is very common in certain areas of our body, such as armpits, neck, crotch, knees, elbows and feet, among other. This is because in these areas there is a lot of constant friction, so the skin thickens as a method of defense.

This condition is also very common in people suffering from obesity. This is because the skin of these people possesses more adipose tissue. Also, hormonal changes are an influential factor for dark dry patches on skin in areas where there is a constant friction.

Eliminate dark dry patches on skin

There are several ways to prevent darkening of the skin. Here we will tell you the most influential remedies to prevent this evil and we will give you a totally natural recipe to clarify the areas of your body that were affected by this condition.

  • Use hypo allergenic deodorants: these will prevent your armpits from becoming irritated or have an allergic reaction, which could obscure this area of ​​your skin.
  • Exfoliating cosmetics and lighteners: there are several cosmetics that are dermatologically recommended and that can prevent or in other cases improve the pigmentation of the skin, clarifying the areas that are affected.
  • Avoid constantly supporting yourself on the table: this practice thickens and darkens the skin of the elbows.
  • Hair removal is an influential factor in the darkening of the skin, especially if you use leaflet, as it irritates the skin and causes it to become dark.
  • Apply moisturizing creams with lightening properties in the affected areas: this will definitely improve the appearance of the skin that has darkened.

Natural remedy for dark dry patches on skin


  • 1 egg shell
  • Lemon juice
  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Neutral soap


Wash the affected area with neutral water and soap then dry it. Then, in a container proceed to crush an egg shell, add moisturizing cream and a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Apply this mixture in the affected area, leave it to act for about 20 minutes. Remove it using a lot of warm water. Repeat this procedure twice a day, until the desired skin tone is achieved.

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