Applying essential oils on your feet can give you many health benefits; plus, it will relax you and give nice smoothness to your feet. See which ones to mix!

One of the things that happens to us often is that many times during the day we are tired and we cannot go through with the activities that we usually perform with the efficiency that they deserve and all this because at night we cannot sleep enough for our body to rest and recover all the energy it needs.

There are many factors that can affect our sleep, such as stress, insomnia, poor nutrition, along with the different problems that we have in mind. The chances of being very tired the next day are high in these cases.

There are many other reasons that may cause sleepless episodes. That’s why these types of problems must be eliminated from the root. Otherwise, they may affect all our performance as the days go by.

One of the things they offer in stores are these pills that help you sleep and can guarantee the amount of dreams necessary for your rest. However, often these drugs can bring secondary problems for your health, your body and your body in general, such as addiction or other side effects.

The best way to relax your body is through your feet. We’ll give you a superb solution that involves solely essential oils. Did you know that if you apply essential oils on your feet you’ll get better sleep? No? Then, continue reading and you’ll find out all about it!

Apply essential oils on your feet before going to sleep

Using these oils, you’ll improve the amount of rest at night and have a performance of your daily activities the next day.

Each of these ingredients can be obtained in any naturist store of your taste; in addition, they are quite economic so in this case it will not affect in any way your pocket.

To prepare this mixture you only need the following:

  • Pure magnesium oil (1 bottle)
  • 1 bottle of pure camomile oil
  • Pure lavender oil (1 bottle)


  • Pour ¼ of each oil in a container.
  • Mix for one minute until everything is integrated.
  • Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for one whole day.

Method of application:

First of all, apply the mixture of essential oils on your feet massaging them in a circular way.

Secondly, let the mixture stay on your feet all night.

Finally, we should mention that each of the properties of these oils can guarantee that your rest will be prolonged and you can carry out your activities the next day much better.

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